Thursday, December 28, 2006

Misfit Try "Classy"Lunch

Me and my colleagues gone to a classier place to have lunch. A noodle bar. I know there is no such thing but thats what the shop is "named".

The setting of the shop is nice

But kinda expensive for noodles.

My colleagues food are nice and big portion! Real Cool!

But me ordering the most expensive among colleagues (not most expensive on menu! I'm still poor). Come the smallest serving of spaghetti!

Darn! Time to go to the nearest bakery for some thing to fill up my tummy!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Random Work Conversation

Some conversation I had recently

Boss: What time should we depart for the ******* meeting on Monday?
Me: Err.. I'm on leave that day.
Boss: Hmm.. then who will replace you?
Me: None actually.
Boss: Huh!? You all are hanging me dry there?!
Me: Hehe.. yeah!

Me: I've noticed that some lady colleagues are changing together for prayers and gigling in there.
Boygirl: Emm, it's quite common for them actually.
Me: Hmm... les act! woohoo! Should have bring me some spy cam.

Office Lady 1: Last weekend while I'm office toilet. The outer door keeps banging... and there's no one around except OL2 but she's downstairs.
Me: Guess some"one" likes you.
OL 1: God! Don't joke on these stuff. Later while OL2 going for her prayer, she smelled some flowers. We cut our work short and head straight back home.
Me: Haha! Its just your excuse for not finishing work!
OL 1: Haha! No way.
Me: But speaking of unfinished work, I NEED YOU to work late again today.

And I wonder why they hated me.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It was very hectic but uneventful period lately. Uncompleted or pending task keep popping up on the wrong time, and it began to take a toll on my laidback life. Add my boring lifestyle with shortage of MSG laced food and myGF who frustrated the hell out of me, I was beginning to crack!

Then while grumbling and weather through the after-office traffic. "That" suddenly shows me! Within the storm (It was rainy season here). There's hope! Beauty! whatever you want to call it... It make me relax.. well, for 0.2 second anyway.

OK! Back to driving... I was "hoping" for a better day then.

Then my cellphone start to ring! And the heavy rain makes some retaining wall in the project that I'm in charge to fail.

I was right! The day sucks as usual!

The next day while I was driving home! There's another rainbow. Do I felt it was gonna be a better day? Neh! Unless the rainbow will really lead me to a pot of gold!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Will Dearly Miss Bonni

Lately I am busy with the website I'm creating which I officially open on 17th Oct. 2006. I do really sucks in computers so it really took some time out of me and a even greater effort not to bang my PC.
Well, I do seems to have a counter karma ability. Most of the time when I do something good. Bad things happen. Yesterday, an old lady asked me to help her cross the road. I oblige even though I not really keen about it.
Yesterday night, my Dad called saying Bonni have pass away. She was probably knocked over by a small vehicle. What broke more of our heart is that she struggle back and died hiding below my dad's car without even one of my family realising it.
Bonni is a very friendly dog, I don't know anyone who comes across her and not liking her. She never failed to greet any one of our family everytime we're home. Never discriminate us and giving us all the love. Going home will never be the same now.
Well, as evil as I am. I try to take the news well, played some computer game, watch sitcom, and I thought I can really put this past my mind. When I finally goes to bed, tears just can't stop flowing and I have trouble sleeping. Deep down, I sort of blame myself a little. I would gladly help old people cross the road, even listen to GirlBoy annoying singing everyday if it would bring Bonni back.
Bonni, thanks for the wonderful four years and no matter where you are, you will always be in our heart.

Rest In Peace

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Misfit Attend Chinese Wedding

I attended the wedding of a job acquaintance on the weekend. Boy was I bored shit during the dinner. The table I'm sitting is full of old man or people I don't know or people I don't really wants to meet. Well, but at least the food is good. And when I was really bored, I stared at the boobs of an attractive and talkative girl sitting on opposite table. Luckily her companion didn't noticed or else I would probably typing this in the hospital.

These are the weddings where you can see people happier than the couple themselves. Why? Cause they drink all the booze they wanted! That's why! Worst still is they don't really know the wedding couple at all, most probably an acquaintance of the parents. See how fuck up is it to the couple?

After a few course of menu, the wedding seems starting to transform into a political party event. Though I doubt its actually what the bride & groom wanted, but still this is what most chinese wedding about. It is more about what their parents wanted and being filial, the children would mostly oblige. It mostly started with an announcer who introduce the groom and bride.... who they are... what they work as... bla bla bla... I mean, don't the fuck should we already know this?

Desperate by boredom, even the boobs can't save me from boredom anymore. I SOS message on my phone for friends.... alas for me, only Moon replied! Bless her (if I ever believe in higher being). And when some politician giving photoshot on stage with the wedding couple, I had it and leave.

So the next day I forced myself to buy some lucky numbers...

and guess what? I win some using Moon number!!! WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Misfits HATES Stupid Inconsiderate PMC

Well, I was involved in a government job. And my boss send me to meeting with the Project Management Consultant (PMC) which is nothing more than a blood-sucking, bird-brained, arrogant cock-talker!
The PMC's office is in the middle of nowhere... nearly a 2-hours drive journey needed. Once there, they showed us their usual "fuck! look at these beggers" look. The meeting is of nothing significant. Just them showing their "authority" over us, asking us do all the work and they take the credit. Just random quote that piss us off in the meeting:

"What's so hard to come everyweek here for meeting? this meeting won't cause more than 30min only!"
- What the fuck! try coming down to MY office then and meeting for less than 30min and hear me blaber things that everyone already know.

"This proposal by us must be adapted in as YOUR design, so all requirement with local authorities must be complied by your own."
Us: "These ___ part, would be reluctant to agree on it"
"No problem, we might HELP you out"
Us: "Ok, when the local authorities would not agree, we'll ask you for a meeting with them."
"Err... we are here actually only to support you, does not mean that we are responsible cause you have agreed over the proposal as your own"
- Fuckers

I blame the stupid politicians to hire these clowns in the first place... What a waste of money

Monday, August 21, 2006

Two "temporary" addition to the Family

My Dad recently picked up two Palm Civet. They are so active that I have headache watching over them. These are wild animals so they eventually would have to return to the jungle. Fortunately there's a forest opposite my dad's house.
The two is my dad's new favourite... but wait till they're big enough to gobble his fruits plantation... haha...
well, there they are...

and another with our very
jealous pet maltese Bonni!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Misfit May Be Unfaithful

I have booked a house recently. Finally Misfit will get to actually owned a house. Back to topic, an uncle of mine is working in a bank, and he or rather his staff has been bugging to take up their bank loan package. Well, me being me hated any relatives to bug my personal details and life. But again me being me is too lazy to find other bank, finally I resent and asked the staff to come over and pick up the detail... after a months of me dragging around, playing dodge-taichi.
On the evening that she come to my office to pick it up, I have to say, I have no idea she was such a looker. Well, the might not be the supermodel gorgeous type. But I do have to say she's very attractive. I was stunned by her and don't know what to say. If I knew this, I would be the first to agree on this loan, with or without any relatives connection.
But again, me being me. I don't really hold her attention much and rush to send her away. Heck, I was going off work and can actually ask her for a cup of coffee easily. Her cute face was a little surprised by me eager to sent her away. Maybe not much people actually do this to her. BoyGirl is lurking nearby anyway and I don't want to be the laughing stock of the week. I'll happily let GirlBoy have that post.
Before she leaves, she quip "Whoa, you are really a busy man aren't you?". Well, thank you. And furthermore, thank me for being soooooo dumb. And I have to spend the evening wondering why did I do that?

Misfit in being unfaithful perhaps.

Friday, August 04, 2006

A Little Misfit Hates Korean Drama

The Korean Drama is riding high in recent years, making big waves in the whole of asia. While I have nothing against people of Korea especially all the hot chicks there, I just have enough with its so called "K-Drama"
Except for the first few "pioneer" success, it seems others are just copycats/repeater. While MyGF is hooked on it... I know better. Below is the summary on K-Drama that I have compiled!

1. The pace of its drama is so slow that unlike Hong Kong cantonese drama, after missing a few episodes you'll most probably still figured out what have happened.

2. The villainess are mostly prettier/sexier than the lead lady.

3. Always the plot started with misunderstanding that can be solved early on if the people just open his/her damn mouth to explain but choose not to and the suffers nearly the whole length of drama because of this.

4. Most leading lady died in the end due to some cancer/leukemia/any darn incurable disease.

5. Most leading male died in the end due to accident.

6. The villain will ALWAYS have conscious in the end.

7. The love story is so flowery and sometimes borders or idiocracy!

8. The male lead is always macho, cool, quiet, rich/ends up rich.

9. The female lead LOVES to cry as much as orgasm.

10. Always there is a clown character as a friend of the female lead.

11. The supporting cast are nearly the same in EVERY drama.

more to come... and perhaps some idiotic pictures too... feel free to contribute!
You can called me an asshole! But a sissy I aren't!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fun with Google Earth

I am sometimes, well a nerd to these stuff... and this software is really impressive. I even can mark my office with "X" and ask you good people to bomb it to oblivion.

Here I include some pictures where I am now. Try guess my exact position.

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Little Misfit Help People.... REALLY!

I was going home last weekend. On the way back, just after entering the toll, a middle age lady and her son flagged our car down. I didn't even noticed them but MyGF shouted at me like I have driven over a whole street of toddler to stop.

They wanted to hitchhike to a place much futher than my destination, so I said: "no, you have to hike someone else car." But the lady seem insisting getting on my car, and I only agreed to drop them on the nearest R&R on my exit point. The ride is nothing to shout about except that they smell and the boy have a SERIOUS sinus problem... which fills the backseat of my car with his mucus... major gross!

Oh well, and when I drop them at the R&R, the lady ask some money from me. And I "just" gave them 5 bucks for lunch. Little? Yeah! I felt sort of guilty afterwards when MyGF complained. By the way, MyGF just can't bear their smell. Hahaha! Thats what you get for being kind.

Then next few days while I was leaving office, a middle age guy with belly asked me if I can help. Thinking that he's another one people asking for direction, I figure "What the hell!" And say Ok! Then the guy goes with his story of being out of jail and away from home. He needs money to get home cause he's being sleeping on the street for a few days. And while saying where his "home" is, his tears start rolling, no shit!

Me, being me. I snap: "OK! OK! I give you 5 bucks for dinner. OK?!" and I proceed to hand out the note. As expected, that stop the tears, take the money and walk away.

I'm thinking, am I being heartless or conned? Your five-cent please.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Misfit Watch World Cup in TV

Yeah, this one is a little late. I guess I'm too lazy/forgetful/embarass to post i earlier.
Well, in the place I am staying, the world cup shows are mostly shown live on TV. But sadly, it is usually on 3am.

The first time I tried watching 3am match is between Brazil and France. By 1 am, I'm starting to feel sleepy but I kept on watching a dumb movie shown on TV. Then by 2:20am the commentaries started, I am still awake. 2:35am the commentators blabling all those nonsense...

By 2:45am I already fallen asleep.

During the final... I really have the resolution to watch it. Heck! It's the final... so to avoid earlier mistake. I goes to sleep around 12am.. and hoping to wake up around 3am.

Well, by the time I'm awake... I'm just make it to see this :


Well, Congratulations Italy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What A Wonderful Day - a trial positive blog

Its been a very wonderful days today. Rained in the night, wake up feeling cool and fresh. Wish I can enjoyed the bed more. Then the breakfast and tea is nice, the contractors didn't bother me as much as usuals. The sun is not as hot as usual, which suits me fine. All my piled-up work is as high as usual. But hey, it is a wonderful day. Some people don't even have a chance to enjoy tha-- tha--

Nah! I myself can't stomach it... today sucks as usuals... people hates me as much as everyday.

Well, I did make myself a new avatar.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Misfit get blog review from friends

I get some review from 3 of my good pals today. Marigold, Skele, & Jewel.

Marigold started with stating my blog is too "negative". NEGATIVE?! How negatives is it? And what do you expect? This is about some little misfit prick!

Oh well, so I go around and ask Skele and Jewel. Their comment coincidently same with Marigold, oh jolly boy. Then I go asking what should I put in this blog? The answers is surprisingly add some latest technology stuff. Huh? HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHHAAH!!! Oh jolly boy, that should really be "positive".

Jewel, oh Jewel. It surprises me that she's a good friend of mine when there was so much difference between us... thats the beauty of friendship. Well, Jewel is almost emotional stating her views. She said my website was too depressing too read, makes the reader feeling down. "
no one interested to read something make our own upset or something negative one la." Hehehehe... and at last she type this, really! "i din read ur blog recently". That really makes my day. Hah!

The funniest part is when I ask them how positives it should be?

How positive!? someone that got cancer but at last report out they have wrong diagnosis... so no cancer after undergo chemo?
not like that.... someone have cancer. but after treatment survive.... miracle.... stuff like that.

Oh JOLLY GREAT. Here... sounding as positive as I can.. What do you people think? Comment is GREATLY appreciated here.

edit 14:04 4/7/06:
Moon, another great pal told me that I should shows pictures of people i.e. me! bleeding to death! Now thats a great suggestion.
wookypooky stated this:
wrap yourself with positive wire/red colour of an electrical device.
hook it to the socket and on the power.
then u will be purely positively charged.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Misfit have chest pain! May due to excessive amount of MSG

I felt a little pain in my chest today. Maybe its due to the pork oil I dunk my food with yesterday. Too much cholestrol in me. I spent most of the day smashing my head on my desk to make the pain go away. My colleagues as usual ignored me as they thought I was training to head-butt some clients.

Lets just hope I do not need to travel in THAT ambulance.

People have all different sort of sins or addiction, some to alcohol, drugs, gambling... yeah, its a fuckup world. Me? I have a different addiction.. MSG or monosodium gluatamete.. or something like that. Nothing beats a packet of 'flavoured' chips, except maybe threesome.

My favorite food! all laced with msg. I dont think I can bear a day without msg food. All that explained to my receding hairline. MSG and High cholestrol food.

Why do harmful food tastes so nice? Or is it that I now have issues with food? I'll think it over with some pork-chop, chips, fries, and ice-cream today.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Misfit attend birthday lunch

It was Girlboy birthday and he gave us all colleague a treat in his father's restaurant. The food is great, after the lunch out the cake and we sang birthday song which I obnoxiously sang LOUD-LOUD to embarassed him in front of other customers.. hehe.

Well, the cake looks nice and in no time, we did enjoy it nicely. Ohh, when I said nicely I meant gobble it down like hugry pigs! Then only someone realized that there was some fungus on the cake! I mean, only in the last bloody piece that someone realize we consumed something that may make us sick!

Yay! M.C. for the day!

Sure enough later the day some of the office staff travel in this vehicle.. and I mean THAT vehicle looks like some World War 2 leftovers. I can imagine conversation goes like that in the ambulance during rush hour emergency cases.

Patient: It's too hot, can't breathe!
Paramedic: Sorry! But the air-cond is out of service.
Patient: [gasping for air]
Paramedic: Driver, whats taking so long?
Ambulance driver: Sorry, rush hour jam and the bateries out. Can't put on the siren.
Paramedic: Well, just make sure we can reach by lunch time, I'm starving.


p/s: lets hope this time they have prettier nurse.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Misfit Buy Number!

WAhkau! @#$x^@*yx*!!! Darn it.. the second time it happened this month! Buy number also misfit! How to get rich?!

post 20jun06 14:47
blinky asked why am I playing with numbers when world cup is going on. Cause I'm a sucker for numbers and you can't really gamble $1 with someone can't you?

post 21jun06 14:14
again, the number I bought yesterday 1155 came out 1154! ^$@x!$%!#$z *beep *beep!!!
buying again today! keep you finger crossed!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Are Arabs Horny?

LZ just got a job in an Arab country, below is part of the chat between us:

LZ: here got 1000 channel
LZ: but dono which channel can watch world cup
me: got WahLaiToi channel or not? hehehe
LZ: a lot channels need to pay
me: icic
LZ: here got a lot porn channel
LZ: its crazy
LZ: i thought muslim country cannot
me: huh? islamic country.. all hypocrite one
LZ: got around 20 channel like that
me: hehe.. i want to move there already
LZ: shocked when i saw
LZ: hahaha
LZ: men here very horny
LZ: if no islam, dono wat'll happen to them
me: i know... arab people like that one... read arabian nights and u will know...
LZ: wherever we go sure got car honk at us
LZ: or follow us
LZ: some cars purposely turn back to see us
LZ: some even talk to us, or throw his phone number out
LZ: nutcase
me: huah.. wait they abduct wo...
LZ: my friends met one even worst
LZ: ask them to get into his car and offer 500
LZ: think they are prostitutes
me: hahaha...
me: do part time
LZ: are u crazy!?

And they say these place are hardcore religious. A misfit in Arab perhaps? Next time we should publish a book like this

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Misfit Answer to Greetings

Dont you just hate it when people ask: "how are you?" Especially when they don't really bother with the answer. I blame this on the society today. Yes its a fuckup world and I for once glad being a misfit that I'm not one of them. Below are some of the answer to them. Whether they noticed or not, WHO CARES! They don't really care about you anyway.

Question: How are you today?


I hate you for asking this!

Fine, just very fucked up!

Not good, but not dead yet!

What?! (they ask again) Huh?! What?!.. (repeat infinitely)

Shut up!

Good! in fact I've just won enough money in lottery to hire a hitman... what for?! to shoot anyone who ask this stupid question.

I don't know, just woke up from the meeting earlier.

What?! Your Wife/Girlfriend didn't tell you about the great time we had last night?

No, I haven't won the jackpot yet.

Darn bored! Entertain me!

Hahahahahaha! Huh? You're not joking?

How convenient of you asking after I spend the last hour diarrhea in toilet.

Don't ask me that! It's bad luck to answer it? (and act like some religious shit)

Do you really care? Or you're just another two face prick?

Do you really care?.. You do? then can I hang out with you everyday? better still, can i move in with you? No? I knew you're a two face prick!

And my favourite

Poor, until you can find my name under the definition of 'Poor' in dictionary!

p/s: I've actually used most of them but get different results

post 16/06/2006

cafuheva: same as yesterday
n305er: What you want?
spanker: Horny, how are you?
aLittleMisfit: still same

Monday, June 05, 2006

Party Misfit: Germany '06 Kick-Off Party Review

In the weekend, I was given 3 free tickets to attend the Hotlink Germany '06 Kick-Off Party in A'Farmosa resort Malacca. Wow, I actually won something. Woohoo... Oh wait! I've actually confirmed with the Maxis staff that no hidden costs in those “free" ticket. Hehehe Oh well. Prior to the party, my colleague gave me his tickets, which make it 6 tickets that I have in my hand.

So, I pass my extra 4 tickets to my cousin, Cousin-N. Well, this cousin is the clubbing type; so naturally it would be fun for him. Me? I would be going with MyGF. I anticipate that it would be fun with the buildup going on, few international DJs, large area in a theme park; it seems going to be one hell of party. Boy, am I wrong. It is another of the misfit case that I never wanted to admit will happen before it fucking actually happen.

Due to unexpected family matters by MyGF, we arrived to the party nearly 11p.m (party started 8p.m). First, they charge $5 for the parking, "Fine!" I think, but finding parking space proves difficult, which thanks to those dumbass organizer's staff who guided me over 500 METERS away from avenue. After all the huffing and puffing, I finally reach the place which my ever amazing Cousin-N not even reaches A-Farmosa (He went with his group of friends). Even worst is that there were even enough parking for Godzillas to mate right in front of the avenue.

So, I spent another 30 minutes outside of the avenue waiting for Cousin-N to arrive. Luckily MyGF didn't mind waiting with me. While I was waiting, I saw some people leaving already. Mummers like "boring!", "nothing!", "like a disco", "like fun fare" were among the stuff I've overheard. Pardon my photo's not sharp as I only uses my camera phone for all the snapshot.

When I've finally entered the "Party", I was disappointed. I mean, this WAS supposed to be a World Fucking Cup Party! The only connection I saw with soccer is the big replica of the world cup trophy, a booth with countries body painting, neon light arranged to look like a ball, and beanbag chair which the "bean" is tiny balls. That's it, the connection end. The party is actually an open air disco, the DJs on a stage playing house music where people below “shaking”, or showing their stuff, some just stand there (me included) looking at the light. “Must NOT follow light!”, “Must NOT follow light!” Oh well, at least there were other misfits too.

I deem this party not successful. Most people were not dancing, and even less people actually respond to the DJs. Maybe because there wasn’t enough drink to go around. Hehe, speaking of drinks, sorry, seems the $60 a ticket wasn’t enough to cover any drinks. So there I was, spending the time walking around. There’s an instance where all of us were very near to the stage, the speaker was SOOO loud that I can barely breathe. Cousin-N was starting to dance and seems enjoying himself, whether he dances himself or the chick he brought purposely ignored him, which I couldn’t figure out. Top that with some sweaty shirtless guys dancing nearby, holding hands and hugging with his mates looks gay to me. Oh My GOD! They ARE gays. Hehe. In this stage I might as well join the dance, except when me and MyGF together, we put the B in boring. I just can’t start to “Go with the beat!” awkwardly I look like a drowning pelican, or a choking flamingo.

Half an hour later Cousin-N called,

Cousin-N: “Hey! Where are you?”

Me: “On the way back home already.”

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Man should be like this

My work consist of designing structural and consult clients of whichever (dumb) thinking that they might have respectively for their home, factory, office, bla bla bla... (more about my job on later post) Well, I was saying, few days earlier, a couple came over my office to discuss renovation for their home. The husband is the overmanly, boss in the house, or what sometimes might some people call, a jerk to his wife. (The wife by the way, looks great for a mid-30s women, just too much make-up) During the course of discussion, especially when the husband or I am explaining something and the wife wants to give her *ahem "opinion", the husband would retort "you quiet la dear, let me explain".  The wife then kept quiet of a while, afterwards when we further our discussions, she give opinion again... then the husband says again.. "You dont talk, I talk"... hehehe.. after the fifth time the husband retort the wife, I really felt like saying this:HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!Yeah! I wish I have the guts, but my lady boss is in the room beside and I wouldn't risk getting on the bad side of her day. Oh, when I say bad side, I meant putting my head in front of a 10-tonne truck running 110kph. People with lady boss most probably get what I meant.  
Ok, back to topic, the great QUESTION here is....  
                   HOW do I act like the husband and get away with it?
and the darn wife seems OK to be boss around by the husband.. and I wonder, why can't I be like that jerk too and get away with it? Well, seems some people are born jerk and lucky. This guy would get my vote for "Husband of the Year" award... and after they left the wife call in to check on some stuff. She talked to my colleague Boygirl! AND she unbelievably told Boygirl I am good looking. WTF? Me?! A balding fatass! Seems to get me interested! hehe, threesome here perhaps.. Oh well, that means I'm gonna be the office laughing stock for some period now. Hmmm..... threesome..

Q: Why can't I fit in anywhere?
A: How the hell I know!    

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Me and Archery

I was having lunch with my coleague today, and we decided to go play some archery nearby. Turn out to be a BAD decision.
Refering to the pictures. This were all were captured with evidence. Really! You wouldn't think I would dare to post without evidence would you?

Well, My junior engineer, GirlBoy,

was aiming his bow, he SHOOT! TOINK! OUCH! A direct hit to my spare tyre!

Damn! I knew I should have treated my juniors better. He claimed it was an accident. Yeah, accident my ass. I could have sworn its because I stole his egg tart earlier.
The aftermath is too chaotic to mention without any photo evidence. The photographer pass out after seeing little blood. Pussies!
Well, looks like I'm going to spent tea-time in a hospital. Lets just hope the nurses are pretty.

p/s: the archery center receptionist is cute.