Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Me and Archery

I was having lunch with my coleague today, and we decided to go play some archery nearby. Turn out to be a BAD decision.
Refering to the pictures. This were all were captured with evidence. Really! You wouldn't think I would dare to post without evidence would you?

Well, My junior engineer, GirlBoy,

was aiming his bow, he SHOOT! TOINK! OUCH! A direct hit to my spare tyre!

Damn! I knew I should have treated my juniors better. He claimed it was an accident. Yeah, accident my ass. I could have sworn its because I stole his egg tart earlier.
The aftermath is too chaotic to mention without any photo evidence. The photographer pass out after seeing little blood. Pussies!
Well, looks like I'm going to spent tea-time in a hospital. Lets just hope the nurses are pretty.

p/s: the archery center receptionist is cute.