Thursday, June 01, 2006

Man should be like this

My work consist of designing structural and consult clients of whichever (dumb) thinking that they might have respectively for their home, factory, office, bla bla bla... (more about my job on later post) Well, I was saying, few days earlier, a couple came over my office to discuss renovation for their home. The husband is the overmanly, boss in the house, or what sometimes might some people call, a jerk to his wife. (The wife by the way, looks great for a mid-30s women, just too much make-up) During the course of discussion, especially when the husband or I am explaining something and the wife wants to give her *ahem "opinion", the husband would retort "you quiet la dear, let me explain".  The wife then kept quiet of a while, afterwards when we further our discussions, she give opinion again... then the husband says again.. "You dont talk, I talk"... hehehe.. after the fifth time the husband retort the wife, I really felt like saying this:HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!Yeah! I wish I have the guts, but my lady boss is in the room beside and I wouldn't risk getting on the bad side of her day. Oh, when I say bad side, I meant putting my head in front of a 10-tonne truck running 110kph. People with lady boss most probably get what I meant.  
Ok, back to topic, the great QUESTION here is....  
                   HOW do I act like the husband and get away with it?
and the darn wife seems OK to be boss around by the husband.. and I wonder, why can't I be like that jerk too and get away with it? Well, seems some people are born jerk and lucky. This guy would get my vote for "Husband of the Year" award... and after they left the wife call in to check on some stuff. She talked to my colleague Boygirl! AND she unbelievably told Boygirl I am good looking. WTF? Me?! A balding fatass! Seems to get me interested! hehe, threesome here perhaps.. Oh well, that means I'm gonna be the office laughing stock for some period now. Hmmm..... threesome..

Q: Why can't I fit in anywhere?
A: How the hell I know!    

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