Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Misfit Answer to Greetings

Dont you just hate it when people ask: "how are you?" Especially when they don't really bother with the answer. I blame this on the society today. Yes its a fuckup world and I for once glad being a misfit that I'm not one of them. Below are some of the answer to them. Whether they noticed or not, WHO CARES! They don't really care about you anyway.

Question: How are you today?


I hate you for asking this!

Fine, just very fucked up!

Not good, but not dead yet!

What?! (they ask again) Huh?! What?!.. (repeat infinitely)

Shut up!

Good! in fact I've just won enough money in lottery to hire a hitman... what for?! to shoot anyone who ask this stupid question.

I don't know, just woke up from the meeting earlier.

What?! Your Wife/Girlfriend didn't tell you about the great time we had last night?

No, I haven't won the jackpot yet.

Darn bored! Entertain me!

Hahahahahaha! Huh? You're not joking?

How convenient of you asking after I spend the last hour diarrhea in toilet.

Don't ask me that! It's bad luck to answer it? (and act like some religious shit)

Do you really care? Or you're just another two face prick?

Do you really care?.. You do? then can I hang out with you everyday? better still, can i move in with you? No? I knew you're a two face prick!

And my favourite

Poor, until you can find my name under the definition of 'Poor' in dictionary!

p/s: I've actually used most of them but get different results

post 16/06/2006

cafuheva: same as yesterday
n305er: What you want?
spanker: Horny, how are you?
aLittleMisfit: still same

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