Monday, June 26, 2006

Misfit attend birthday lunch

It was Girlboy birthday and he gave us all colleague a treat in his father's restaurant. The food is great, after the lunch out the cake and we sang birthday song which I obnoxiously sang LOUD-LOUD to embarassed him in front of other customers.. hehe.

Well, the cake looks nice and in no time, we did enjoy it nicely. Ohh, when I said nicely I meant gobble it down like hugry pigs! Then only someone realized that there was some fungus on the cake! I mean, only in the last bloody piece that someone realize we consumed something that may make us sick!

Yay! M.C. for the day!

Sure enough later the day some of the office staff travel in this vehicle.. and I mean THAT vehicle looks like some World War 2 leftovers. I can imagine conversation goes like that in the ambulance during rush hour emergency cases.

Patient: It's too hot, can't breathe!
Paramedic: Sorry! But the air-cond is out of service.
Patient: [gasping for air]
Paramedic: Driver, whats taking so long?
Ambulance driver: Sorry, rush hour jam and the bateries out. Can't put on the siren.
Paramedic: Well, just make sure we can reach by lunch time, I'm starving.


p/s: lets hope this time they have prettier nurse.

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