Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Misfit have chest pain! May due to excessive amount of MSG

I felt a little pain in my chest today. Maybe its due to the pork oil I dunk my food with yesterday. Too much cholestrol in me. I spent most of the day smashing my head on my desk to make the pain go away. My colleagues as usual ignored me as they thought I was training to head-butt some clients.

Lets just hope I do not need to travel in THAT ambulance.

People have all different sort of sins or addiction, some to alcohol, drugs, gambling... yeah, its a fuckup world. Me? I have a different addiction.. MSG or monosodium gluatamete.. or something like that. Nothing beats a packet of 'flavoured' chips, except maybe threesome.

My favorite food! all laced with msg. I dont think I can bear a day without msg food. All that explained to my receding hairline. MSG and High cholestrol food.

Why do harmful food tastes so nice? Or is it that I now have issues with food? I'll think it over with some pork-chop, chips, fries, and ice-cream today.

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