Monday, June 05, 2006

Party Misfit: Germany '06 Kick-Off Party Review

In the weekend, I was given 3 free tickets to attend the Hotlink Germany '06 Kick-Off Party in A'Farmosa resort Malacca. Wow, I actually won something. Woohoo... Oh wait! I've actually confirmed with the Maxis staff that no hidden costs in those “free" ticket. Hehehe Oh well. Prior to the party, my colleague gave me his tickets, which make it 6 tickets that I have in my hand.

So, I pass my extra 4 tickets to my cousin, Cousin-N. Well, this cousin is the clubbing type; so naturally it would be fun for him. Me? I would be going with MyGF. I anticipate that it would be fun with the buildup going on, few international DJs, large area in a theme park; it seems going to be one hell of party. Boy, am I wrong. It is another of the misfit case that I never wanted to admit will happen before it fucking actually happen.

Due to unexpected family matters by MyGF, we arrived to the party nearly 11p.m (party started 8p.m). First, they charge $5 for the parking, "Fine!" I think, but finding parking space proves difficult, which thanks to those dumbass organizer's staff who guided me over 500 METERS away from avenue. After all the huffing and puffing, I finally reach the place which my ever amazing Cousin-N not even reaches A-Farmosa (He went with his group of friends). Even worst is that there were even enough parking for Godzillas to mate right in front of the avenue.

So, I spent another 30 minutes outside of the avenue waiting for Cousin-N to arrive. Luckily MyGF didn't mind waiting with me. While I was waiting, I saw some people leaving already. Mummers like "boring!", "nothing!", "like a disco", "like fun fare" were among the stuff I've overheard. Pardon my photo's not sharp as I only uses my camera phone for all the snapshot.

When I've finally entered the "Party", I was disappointed. I mean, this WAS supposed to be a World Fucking Cup Party! The only connection I saw with soccer is the big replica of the world cup trophy, a booth with countries body painting, neon light arranged to look like a ball, and beanbag chair which the "bean" is tiny balls. That's it, the connection end. The party is actually an open air disco, the DJs on a stage playing house music where people below “shaking”, or showing their stuff, some just stand there (me included) looking at the light. “Must NOT follow light!”, “Must NOT follow light!” Oh well, at least there were other misfits too.

I deem this party not successful. Most people were not dancing, and even less people actually respond to the DJs. Maybe because there wasn’t enough drink to go around. Hehe, speaking of drinks, sorry, seems the $60 a ticket wasn’t enough to cover any drinks. So there I was, spending the time walking around. There’s an instance where all of us were very near to the stage, the speaker was SOOO loud that I can barely breathe. Cousin-N was starting to dance and seems enjoying himself, whether he dances himself or the chick he brought purposely ignored him, which I couldn’t figure out. Top that with some sweaty shirtless guys dancing nearby, holding hands and hugging with his mates looks gay to me. Oh My GOD! They ARE gays. Hehe. In this stage I might as well join the dance, except when me and MyGF together, we put the B in boring. I just can’t start to “Go with the beat!” awkwardly I look like a drowning pelican, or a choking flamingo.

Half an hour later Cousin-N called,

Cousin-N: “Hey! Where are you?”

Me: “On the way back home already.”

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krgoh said...

Malaysian version of international DJ's = Sucks.

World Cup celebration in Malaysia = Also sucks.

Malaysia boleh