Friday, July 14, 2006

A Little Misfit Help People.... REALLY!

I was going home last weekend. On the way back, just after entering the toll, a middle age lady and her son flagged our car down. I didn't even noticed them but MyGF shouted at me like I have driven over a whole street of toddler to stop.

They wanted to hitchhike to a place much futher than my destination, so I said: "no, you have to hike someone else car." But the lady seem insisting getting on my car, and I only agreed to drop them on the nearest R&R on my exit point. The ride is nothing to shout about except that they smell and the boy have a SERIOUS sinus problem... which fills the backseat of my car with his mucus... major gross!

Oh well, and when I drop them at the R&R, the lady ask some money from me. And I "just" gave them 5 bucks for lunch. Little? Yeah! I felt sort of guilty afterwards when MyGF complained. By the way, MyGF just can't bear their smell. Hahaha! Thats what you get for being kind.

Then next few days while I was leaving office, a middle age guy with belly asked me if I can help. Thinking that he's another one people asking for direction, I figure "What the hell!" And say Ok! Then the guy goes with his story of being out of jail and away from home. He needs money to get home cause he's being sleeping on the street for a few days. And while saying where his "home" is, his tears start rolling, no shit!

Me, being me. I snap: "OK! OK! I give you 5 bucks for dinner. OK?!" and I proceed to hand out the note. As expected, that stop the tears, take the money and walk away.

I'm thinking, am I being heartless or conned? Your five-cent please.

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