Monday, July 03, 2006

Misfit get blog review from friends

I get some review from 3 of my good pals today. Marigold, Skele, & Jewel.

Marigold started with stating my blog is too "negative". NEGATIVE?! How negatives is it? And what do you expect? This is about some little misfit prick!

Oh well, so I go around and ask Skele and Jewel. Their comment coincidently same with Marigold, oh jolly boy. Then I go asking what should I put in this blog? The answers is surprisingly add some latest technology stuff. Huh? HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHHAAH!!! Oh jolly boy, that should really be "positive".

Jewel, oh Jewel. It surprises me that she's a good friend of mine when there was so much difference between us... thats the beauty of friendship. Well, Jewel is almost emotional stating her views. She said my website was too depressing too read, makes the reader feeling down. "
no one interested to read something make our own upset or something negative one la." Hehehehe... and at last she type this, really! "i din read ur blog recently". That really makes my day. Hah!

The funniest part is when I ask them how positives it should be?

How positive!? someone that got cancer but at last report out they have wrong diagnosis... so no cancer after undergo chemo?
not like that.... someone have cancer. but after treatment survive.... miracle.... stuff like that.

Oh JOLLY GREAT. Here... sounding as positive as I can.. What do you people think? Comment is GREATLY appreciated here.

edit 14:04 4/7/06:
Moon, another great pal told me that I should shows pictures of people i.e. me! bleeding to death! Now thats a great suggestion.
wookypooky stated this:
wrap yourself with positive wire/red colour of an electrical device.
hook it to the socket and on the power.
then u will be purely positively charged.


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