Thursday, July 13, 2006

Misfit Watch World Cup in TV

Yeah, this one is a little late. I guess I'm too lazy/forgetful/embarass to post i earlier.
Well, in the place I am staying, the world cup shows are mostly shown live on TV. But sadly, it is usually on 3am.

The first time I tried watching 3am match is between Brazil and France. By 1 am, I'm starting to feel sleepy but I kept on watching a dumb movie shown on TV. Then by 2:20am the commentaries started, I am still awake. 2:35am the commentators blabling all those nonsense...

By 2:45am I already fallen asleep.

During the final... I really have the resolution to watch it. Heck! It's the final... so to avoid earlier mistake. I goes to sleep around 12am.. and hoping to wake up around 3am.

Well, by the time I'm awake... I'm just make it to see this :


Well, Congratulations Italy!

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