Monday, August 21, 2006

Two "temporary" addition to the Family

My Dad recently picked up two Palm Civet. They are so active that I have headache watching over them. These are wild animals so they eventually would have to return to the jungle. Fortunately there's a forest opposite my dad's house.
The two is my dad's new favourite... but wait till they're big enough to gobble his fruits plantation... haha...
well, there they are...

and another with our very
jealous pet maltese Bonni!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Misfit May Be Unfaithful

I have booked a house recently. Finally Misfit will get to actually owned a house. Back to topic, an uncle of mine is working in a bank, and he or rather his staff has been bugging to take up their bank loan package. Well, me being me hated any relatives to bug my personal details and life. But again me being me is too lazy to find other bank, finally I resent and asked the staff to come over and pick up the detail... after a months of me dragging around, playing dodge-taichi.
On the evening that she come to my office to pick it up, I have to say, I have no idea she was such a looker. Well, the might not be the supermodel gorgeous type. But I do have to say she's very attractive. I was stunned by her and don't know what to say. If I knew this, I would be the first to agree on this loan, with or without any relatives connection.
But again, me being me. I don't really hold her attention much and rush to send her away. Heck, I was going off work and can actually ask her for a cup of coffee easily. Her cute face was a little surprised by me eager to sent her away. Maybe not much people actually do this to her. BoyGirl is lurking nearby anyway and I don't want to be the laughing stock of the week. I'll happily let GirlBoy have that post.
Before she leaves, she quip "Whoa, you are really a busy man aren't you?". Well, thank you. And furthermore, thank me for being soooooo dumb. And I have to spend the evening wondering why did I do that?

Misfit in being unfaithful perhaps.

Friday, August 04, 2006

A Little Misfit Hates Korean Drama

The Korean Drama is riding high in recent years, making big waves in the whole of asia. While I have nothing against people of Korea especially all the hot chicks there, I just have enough with its so called "K-Drama"
Except for the first few "pioneer" success, it seems others are just copycats/repeater. While MyGF is hooked on it... I know better. Below is the summary on K-Drama that I have compiled!

1. The pace of its drama is so slow that unlike Hong Kong cantonese drama, after missing a few episodes you'll most probably still figured out what have happened.

2. The villainess are mostly prettier/sexier than the lead lady.

3. Always the plot started with misunderstanding that can be solved early on if the people just open his/her damn mouth to explain but choose not to and the suffers nearly the whole length of drama because of this.

4. Most leading lady died in the end due to some cancer/leukemia/any darn incurable disease.

5. Most leading male died in the end due to accident.

6. The villain will ALWAYS have conscious in the end.

7. The love story is so flowery and sometimes borders or idiocracy!

8. The male lead is always macho, cool, quiet, rich/ends up rich.

9. The female lead LOVES to cry as much as orgasm.

10. Always there is a clown character as a friend of the female lead.

11. The supporting cast are nearly the same in EVERY drama.

more to come... and perhaps some idiotic pictures too... feel free to contribute!
You can called me an asshole! But a sissy I aren't!