Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Misfits HATES Stupid Inconsiderate PMC

Well, I was involved in a government job. And my boss send me to meeting with the Project Management Consultant (PMC) which is nothing more than a blood-sucking, bird-brained, arrogant cock-talker!
The PMC's office is in the middle of nowhere... nearly a 2-hours drive journey needed. Once there, they showed us their usual "fuck! look at these beggers" look. The meeting is of nothing significant. Just them showing their "authority" over us, asking us do all the work and they take the credit. Just random quote that piss us off in the meeting:

"What's so hard to come everyweek here for meeting? this meeting won't cause more than 30min only!"
- What the fuck! try coming down to MY office then and meeting for less than 30min and hear me blaber things that everyone already know.

"This proposal by us must be adapted in as YOUR design, so all requirement with local authorities must be complied by your own."
Us: "These ___ part, would be reluctant to agree on it"
"No problem, we might HELP you out"
Us: "Ok, when the local authorities would not agree, we'll ask you for a meeting with them."
"Err... we are here actually only to support you, does not mean that we are responsible cause you have agreed over the proposal as your own"
- Fuckers

I blame the stupid politicians to hire these clowns in the first place... What a waste of money