Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Misfit Attend Chinese Wedding

I attended the wedding of a job acquaintance on the weekend. Boy was I bored shit during the dinner. The table I'm sitting is full of old man or people I don't know or people I don't really wants to meet. Well, but at least the food is good. And when I was really bored, I stared at the boobs of an attractive and talkative girl sitting on opposite table. Luckily her companion didn't noticed or else I would probably typing this in the hospital.

These are the weddings where you can see people happier than the couple themselves. Why? Cause they drink all the booze they wanted! That's why! Worst still is they don't really know the wedding couple at all, most probably an acquaintance of the parents. See how fuck up is it to the couple?

After a few course of menu, the wedding seems starting to transform into a political party event. Though I doubt its actually what the bride & groom wanted, but still this is what most chinese wedding about. It is more about what their parents wanted and being filial, the children would mostly oblige. It mostly started with an announcer who introduce the groom and bride.... who they are... what they work as... bla bla bla... I mean, don't the fuck should we already know this?

Desperate by boredom, even the boobs can't save me from boredom anymore. I SOS message on my phone for friends.... alas for me, only Moon replied! Bless her (if I ever believe in higher being). And when some politician giving photoshot on stage with the wedding couple, I had it and leave.

So the next day I forced myself to buy some lucky numbers...

and guess what? I win some using Moon number!!! WOOHOO!!!

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TOMORROW YOU BETTER COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!