Thursday, November 23, 2006

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It was very hectic but uneventful period lately. Uncompleted or pending task keep popping up on the wrong time, and it began to take a toll on my laidback life. Add my boring lifestyle with shortage of MSG laced food and myGF who frustrated the hell out of me, I was beginning to crack!

Then while grumbling and weather through the after-office traffic. "That" suddenly shows me! Within the storm (It was rainy season here). There's hope! Beauty! whatever you want to call it... It make me relax.. well, for 0.2 second anyway.

OK! Back to driving... I was "hoping" for a better day then.

Then my cellphone start to ring! And the heavy rain makes some retaining wall in the project that I'm in charge to fail.

I was right! The day sucks as usual!

The next day while I was driving home! There's another rainbow. Do I felt it was gonna be a better day? Neh! Unless the rainbow will really lead me to a pot of gold!

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