Thursday, December 28, 2006

Misfit Try "Classy"Lunch

Me and my colleagues gone to a classier place to have lunch. A noodle bar. I know there is no such thing but thats what the shop is "named".

The setting of the shop is nice

But kinda expensive for noodles.

My colleagues food are nice and big portion! Real Cool!

But me ordering the most expensive among colleagues (not most expensive on menu! I'm still poor). Come the smallest serving of spaghetti!

Darn! Time to go to the nearest bakery for some thing to fill up my tummy!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Random Work Conversation

Some conversation I had recently

Boss: What time should we depart for the ******* meeting on Monday?
Me: Err.. I'm on leave that day.
Boss: Hmm.. then who will replace you?
Me: None actually.
Boss: Huh!? You all are hanging me dry there?!
Me: Hehe.. yeah!

Me: I've noticed that some lady colleagues are changing together for prayers and gigling in there.
Boygirl: Emm, it's quite common for them actually.
Me: Hmm... les act! woohoo! Should have bring me some spy cam.

Office Lady 1: Last weekend while I'm office toilet. The outer door keeps banging... and there's no one around except OL2 but she's downstairs.
Me: Guess some"one" likes you.
OL 1: God! Don't joke on these stuff. Later while OL2 going for her prayer, she smelled some flowers. We cut our work short and head straight back home.
Me: Haha! Its just your excuse for not finishing work!
OL 1: Haha! No way.
Me: But speaking of unfinished work, I NEED YOU to work late again today.

And I wonder why they hated me.