Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Random Work Conversation

Some conversation I had recently

Boss: What time should we depart for the ******* meeting on Monday?
Me: Err.. I'm on leave that day.
Boss: Hmm.. then who will replace you?
Me: None actually.
Boss: Huh!? You all are hanging me dry there?!
Me: Hehe.. yeah!

Me: I've noticed that some lady colleagues are changing together for prayers and gigling in there.
Boygirl: Emm, it's quite common for them actually.
Me: Hmm... les act! woohoo! Should have bring me some spy cam.

Office Lady 1: Last weekend while I'm office toilet. The outer door keeps banging... and there's no one around except OL2 but she's downstairs.
Me: Guess some"one" likes you.
OL 1: God! Don't joke on these stuff. Later while OL2 going for her prayer, she smelled some flowers. We cut our work short and head straight back home.
Me: Haha! Its just your excuse for not finishing work!
OL 1: Haha! No way.
Me: But speaking of unfinished work, I NEED YOU to work late again today.

And I wonder why they hated me.

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