Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Naives Requiem, Final

    A week passed and she finally returns. I was really thrill. But suddenly there was a big change in her, she no longer wanted to hang out with me, it just so distant. And that really hit me like a 10-tonnes truck! I mean, here you have someone closest to you, and after a week without warning, she just shut you out! I don't exactly knows what happen back home, but seems to me she made her choice. At least tell me what went wrong rather than leaving me there to dry!

    Now its the boyfriend turn to laugh at me... Darn karma! All of sudden I am pitting myself against a tank with nothing but stick and stones.
    Guess all good things have to end! And I was at the bottom pit of my life. I felt terrible! I behave terrible! I think terrible! If anyone told me that I would one day acted like a complete wussy before, I would laugh them off, or punching them out! But here I am, in the most pathetic state in my life. I did do some make and break idiotic stuff to win her back, but i wasn't good enough then, maybe never will.
    Many terrible months or a year later, I did manage to muster some courage again and asked her what went wrong? She didn't ever answer that question and I don't know why.
    That would be the last time me showing such vulnerability and naivety. Now with her getting married, and to another person by the way. I believe I could finally laid this whole episode down to rest.

And aLittleMisfit lives as misfitly ever after.........

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