Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Naives Requiem, Part -Two

    We rode my bike to the beach and to my credit, I don't even have the guts of telling her. "Are you really sure she likes you? What if you make a complete ass of yourself?".. these questions have been playing around in my mind! Finally! After "Ummm.. Aaaa.. Eerrr.. Eeee..." for like an eternity, Yang finally lose some patience and ask me "Is there something you wanted to tell me?". I was like wanted to shout "Of course! I like you godammit!" but the final version coming out my mouth is still "Ummm.. Aaaa.. Eerrr.. Eeee..." After much fiasco, I did FINALLY mummer out "Do you know that I like you, very much?" I didn't remember if she'd ever answer, we hug.

    She did asked me how did I felt that time. I answered "I'm feeling pity for your boyfriend." Wow! Talk about confidence. To make the night more memorable, the bike have flat tyre when we're heading back home! So we hired a ride home, which makes a bigger hole in my pocket! (I was dirt poor then! Still is poor now!) We hired a ride home... just like someone having an affair and doesn't wants anyone else know about it.

    Though Yang never actually commits anything, we were dating. There were plenty of "relation" mistakes I made during then, guess I just wasn't cut to be Casanova. Among most notable ones that I remember is when she asked me "What do you see in me?" Normally the technically correct answer would be something like praising her (Get your own tips!), but noooo, aLittleMisfit knows better.. I answered "Why do girls like to ask these questions anyway?!" Ouch! A little misfit answer right there.
    Soon it was the festival holiday and she went back home. I was disappointed though! I was hoping we could spend the first holiday together. It seems I had overrated my importance to her. Even more ouch is learning that her boyfriends footing the air ticket bill.
.... <to be continued... >

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