Friday, January 19, 2007

The Naives Requiem

    Its been a very exhausting time more me recently. Life sucks as usual, another new year wasn't helping much. Times like this where any "not great" stuff happens.

    I received a call from my old "flame" recently, lets just call her Yang. She saying that she's getting married soon and cordially invited me to her wedding dinner. I can't really believe its been 4 years gone by already!

    I actually could guess the reason she called. Its really kinda suck in my age where old friends who called out of the blue would have just 3 reasons:
        1. Getting Married
        2. Selling Insurance
        3. Direct Selling Scheme
How suck can it be? Come on, when a old pal called, your normal reaction would be "WOW! This fellow truly is a good pal!" and then when 3 reason came... you go "OH! I SEE...!!" Damnit!
    It happened back in the days when I was young and energetic. We somehow got close on our studies and she was my best "not so wacky" buddies then. With the passing of time, my studies was getting worst (thanks to my pc and games developer), and the more reliant I got to her (she's one of the better student). By then, I was happy talking and hanging around with her.
    Both of us never bothered by the chances of developing feelings toward each other as we were both attached to someone else back our respective home then. OK OK! Boys always will have a little bit of unfaithfulness within but I swear I wasn't hanging out for relation. But soon the friendship developed into something deeper. I don't know, she wasn't the drop-dead-gorgeous kind but I just can't help stepping deeper and deeper into her. Its sort of like sirens song of dead and I'm a guided sailor heading for doom. Finally, the feeling bag is about to burst and I started giving hints whenever chance I have.
    The final mid-semester break arrived and her room-mate went back holiday. That one week is the best I have on the whole friendship stuff. We went to the movies, shoppings, diners, and walk in the park, it almost like we're dating. Nearly the end of the week, I send her a flash clip of a cheesy love song (I was in love then godammit! Back off!) during a MSN session and ask her out again! It took her awhile to agree and I was thinking "This is it! It's finally the time!"........... <to be continued... >

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