Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Of Valentine and Flowers

    Its valentines day, and The most overated day in the world. I mean, come on, WHY does it have to be special today? WHY does you have to provide gift today? WHY good dinner today? WHY need flowers? WHY extra charges today? WHY oh WHY oh WHY?

    Why can't today be a useful day where valentine's an actual beneficial day?

    So to make it simple, I'm doing a valentine house cleaning, aHahahahAHAHa! I'm a genius! So, for people who ask what to buy for this "special" day, here is your answer.....


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Misfit Meeting

    I've been to a meeting with my boss and a colleague. This is a meeting that we actually have no obligation to attend.... but still have to... My boss kept complaining about this project on our journey there, as it has been going on for a year plus and still haven't finalized.

    I wasn't really into this meeting, my mind kept drifting away as I haven't been sleeping well for the pass week. The meeting chairman kept on blabbering about his project, his so-called "VIP" status, and his connection to the government agencies. I decided it was enough and stand up. The guy yelled: "Excuse me?!" I didn't answer, I just pick up my chair and bang him! BOOM! the way he fell is just sweat music to my ears. Out of nowhere, a rock guitarist sprang out and squeal his guitar!

    The idiot tries to stand up and hit me! Bad mistake, and I crash the chair on his again! BANG! And the guitar wailed hard! Some henchman of his show some karate stance. But he's no match for my chair! I smash the chair on his nuts and he screams out the window! Finally I laid the super duper extra power smash on the bugger still laying on the floor and SPLAT! Blood splats everywhere then the guitar squeal REALLY REALLY hard and blow EVERYONE away!

    Boss, "Misfit! Misfit!" Me, "Huh!?" Boss, "What are the figures for ____?" Me, "Errr...."

Damn! I wish so hard that it really happens! At least there's some sandwich served.....