Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Its the chinese new year and as usual, I packed up and head back to my parents home for the holiday. Luckily I managed to avoid the holiday rush hour jam and reach home before the family dinner.

Well, I did park my car up on the entrance, which is a little slope and went in the house... my bro is outside washing his car. After a while my bro shout out that my car is sliding down the slope... luckily the gate is opened and there wasn't any car outside.

I have a hunch that it is Bonni calling me. I've promised I paid a respect to her when I get back and her final resting place is outside the house. I'm sorry dear, I will not forget you. You're Immortalized in the James Morrison song "You Give Me Something".

The dinner is nice, an aunt came down with her family for the dinner, my baby niece is cute and really look like the Nohohon toy.

Chinese New Year day, we went back to my old grandparents home. It's still the same old shit after all these years. My mother still introduced me as "the useless son!", I still lose on gambling, it's still hot as ever. Oh yeah, I'm the eldest among the unmarried, so it's very "normal" for aunties asking about your wedding date. Seems that they're very eager to reap back all the angpow moneys they given for so long.

Just wish that this year I will finally be "prosperous". He! he!