Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Phuket Godzilla Hunt

Phuket Godzilla Hunt

I've finally got one of my new year resolution done. It is about time I have a holiday too, cause I'm beginning to doubt my sanity. And my colleagues are REALLY glad I'll be away for a few days. Well, this is no ordinary trip, it's MY trip to find Godzilla! Time to quell one of my doubt... (actually, I've seen the Godzilla in my dream..... OK I lied!)

The weather is gloomy when I've reached Phuket. Setting up a rather interesting mood for the hunt!

I've been cheated! My hotel is wayyyy up the hill! This is the view out of my room toward Patong Town.

Me having a heavy breakfast! I need the extra strength for the hunt! Complete opposite of after climbing the hill to this hotel!

During the boat sight-seeing trip to Phi-Phi Island, IT suddenly shows up! And disappear in no time!

After spending hours looking up the sky, around island, snorkeling. We've stopped at an Island for lunch. Its a disappointment that there were no nude beautiful chicks more Godzilla views.

After resuming for a few hours hunting, I finally gave up! I was about to curse the island, but before that, the island gave me a gentle reminder not to be rude!

I've even looked for it on the mainland Pha Nga while white water rafting. It's no river, it's a stream, and they released water from a dam! DAMN!!!

The view from the busy beach road of Patong!

The view of the airport on my flight back home! Godzilla is waving to me, sort of mocking me! I'll think twice again if I want to come back!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recent death of a state assembly man causes much fan fare lately. Not because of his death, but because of the by-election process. All the nations top politician are coming down to a small district where normally nobody give a damn. Its really a fun time for the local as no way they're gonna get this kind of spotlight again.

Well, the road have been resurfaced, another $200k pledged for upgrading the community hall, and nation leaders having so-called "heart-to-heart" talk with people, to bringing down the nation sport heroes for a visit. With such advantages, they still kept shouting that the election is "fair".

It makes other district green with envy doesn't it. Secretly, most are hoping their respective state assembly-person dead. And now, where should I register for the next election?... Hmmm....