Saturday, June 09, 2007

Misfit Is Careless!

I don't know whether its me aging or the "couldn't care less" attitude is getting the better of me. It seems that I always forgot things easily.

MyGF have an uncanny ability to hide precious item on odd places... in boxes, closes, books, etc etc.. Few months back, we bought a pair of ring... YES! For WEDDING! guess guys have to take the plunge someday whether we LIKE it or not. Ahemm... Well, to prevent thief, she hid it in a box... just ordinary toiletries product box. And she DID clearly told me to be careful.

Fast forward to present. On a rare day where we are in close loving term, she suggested that we see the rings. I said OK and she goes to find it. And guess what?

THE BOX IS LOST!!!!!!!! I guess I must have thrown it away earlier when I'm doing some cleaning up. DAMN!

And now to get her back on friendly term with me... :(