Saturday, August 11, 2007

State Chief Minister Award Night

I wasn't even sure why I should be attending this. I'm not even in industrial industry. Perhaps my need to kiss my boss ass yesterday after the small pay rise given.

Arrived 8pm.. "suppose" to start 7:30pm but all VIP's no where in sight... soo much for making VIP waiting :(

VIP arrive 8:30pm... talk talk talk talk talk bla bla bla bla bla.... snap some photo

9:00+++pm only serves the food... with music ala ghost movie theme... I though they gonna serve human eyes or something equivalent!

One of the food... green color "sharkfin" soup. Either their trying to make us healthier by killing sharks, or its already a waaayyyyyyyyyyyy past expire date product.

And then the final moment of waterfishing award ceremony for the best industrial company in the state... after paying the state government that is for this stupid $1200 per table dinner that is...

consideration taken after the bribe amount given

stunned industrialist!

and the final victors: STATE money grabbing GOVERNMENT!