Thursday, October 11, 2007

3 weddings and a funeral

Last month I've attended three weddings on continuous weekend. All three were my school buddies and I'm the bestman for one of it.

The first one are without any eventful things.. to me... so I guess it went smoothly.

Then a relative pass away, my cousins grandma... RIP.

Then my bestman day... which I AWESOMELY DID NOT SCREW UP! Or I think so... I guess... I mean, I worn an old china made very old fashioned coat, and earlier when other pals asking what "hairstyle should I match with the groom"? I answered, "I'd be happy if I had any hair now!" Thanks guys... next time, you guys be the bestman, I wanna have fun. You guys remind me of how much I suck :(

Its tiring, and actually a bit chaotic. Its the ONLY wedding that I attended where the Bride and Bridegroom never there to greet the guess and even there to send them off... It's funny. And I did NOT get the chance to kiss the bridesmaid. Bummer!

The tired grooms' brother taking a nap. Picture taken by the groom.

The couple doing some last minute recital for their wedding vows.

The last wedding, IS TOTAL CHAOTIC! Its sort of a gathering for the triad! Hehehehe... I mean, wedding in small town, some punk smoking and putting his leg on the chair, EXTRA LOUD MUSIC, super duper annoying emcee, the bridegroom who is drunk before the dinner actually started.... Its uber Funny!!! Luckily my friend is super sporting and cool, she actually does all the greeting, going table to table, joking around and thanking the guess.... the groom is so lucky to have her.

To all this.... I think I don't ever wants a wedding dinner. Lets keep my finger cross shall we.

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Dream Master said...

Actually the more wedding dinners we attend, the more fear we have 2hold 1 ourselves someday in the future...

& also the ceremony & the whole process of marriage actually... it takes lotsa courage 2overcome de PHOBIAS!!!..

& i'm gonna hv mine end of dec07! (29th is ALMOST the end of yr actually)

i always believe wedding dinners, no matter how grand it is, how much effort being put together, in the end, it's a bunch of good buddies around u that counts!