Friday, November 16, 2007

Engineers Are Poor!

Recent event that makes me dirt poor brought up a distant memory when I just started working as a civil and structural engineer.

My then senior, thePriest asked me to join him for a meeting outstation. As a junior, I offered to drive there. Err, thinking back, it's him that asked me to drive. There's nothing worth to mentioned when our drive there and the meeting. The site is two hours drive using the toll highway route.

After the meeting, we headed to the local famous fishball noodle stall, only to realized,
To be fair, its already end of the months where EVERYBODY is poor. So, I called office for the status of our pay, Negative, processed but haven't banked in yet.

So, we polled our money, deduct out the toll fees, calculate the petrol needed, and it's not really enough for meal for both of us. Luckily, my digging of the car's shilling box gave me an extra $3.10... We can both have a simple basic set meal, but nothing fancy la..... There we was, two engineers, 1 senior, 1 juniors. It was then that I realized! I choose a FARKING LOUSY LINE OF WORK!

After finished the meal, which I can't recall nice or not nice, we headed back to the office. The great news is during our drive back, another colleague called and told us our salary is out. So after reached our office nearby carpark area, we proceed to withdraw some money from the bank. After a long drive, we need to reward ourselves and opt for coffee in a bakery, mind you, it is still office hour.

So we happily march in the bakery, just when we opened the door, there it was, OUR BOSS! As a newbie caught in the act! I practically froze! My senior just walked in the bakery and say hi to OUR BOSS! I do think my boss was shocked too. But as he have a few business companion with him, he willingly or unwillingly invited us to join for coffee.

It was later I got to know from thePriest that he was shocked too, but no choice and played along.

The bigger surprise is I have stayed on this company for more than 5 Years now.


Lady Arabella said...

totally agree. being an engineer sucks big time.

you are poor? guess what? just checked my balance in account today. i only have RM120.50 left. and it's only middle of the month. i'm going to survive the final 2 weeks on water and bread. no! bread is too expensive. prolly curi some biscuit from office pantry.

fuck! i'm broke!

aLittleMisfit said...

i have less than $10 :(

Alan said...

omg... i've juz started work as engineer! the HORROR!!!

Ryan said...

I wear a towel to work =p. Btw I suggest you don't get married yet la misfit. Times are tough T_T..