Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feeling Down

Things have not been going well for me lately, my tries into business have been anything but smooth. I don't know, both my work and personal life sucks, at times seems sliding to big outcast and failure in life. Luckily, my "investors" and pals kept their faith in me, and I really do appreciate that. That makes me even "can't fail" feelings.

Well, I never really felt as poor as I am now. It really makes me desperate. I'm depressed, and there's not really someone to me to talk to without them feeling even sadder and worried than me, or wanted to kill me.

I need sex!


Lady Arabella said...

hey! cool down... c'est la vie.

to be frank, lately i have been feeling down too. just don't feel like doing anything. everything is so wrong. been going around doing window shopping after work and wasting time. can you believe that i went to the same mall twice this week?

and i read the chinese horoscope for next year, it's not going to be a good year for Horse. sigh!

you can call me and we can have a chat if you need to talk to someone. can't help you with the sex though! hehe. get your madam palm and her five daughters working man!

good luck for the business. i support you, not ARSEnal.

aLittleMisfit said...



kamwah said...

unhappy = need s3x? o.O

November Venusian said...

wat happen to all scorpions?? y everyone is feeling down???

Ryan said...

maybe you can try calling suicidal helpline haha. god wants you to suffer a while only maybe change your mind about having threesomes in the process. at least youve got something to bitch about now right? i take my hat off to you for successfully garnering courage to put tries into business, i have not tried even once. cheer up =).