Monday, March 24, 2008


Due to the fact that I am balding, I've decided to have a rambutan a.k.a crew haircut. I have heard of objection from myGF and the barber but I still insist and there goes my unchanged image for the past 15 years.

OK... the aftermath... I rather avoid explaining the word "hairloss" unless I absolutely have to, hence the cooler word of "hip", "trend", "in", and all those crap that I normally avoid like plague.

1. MyGF - ................ (show sour face)
2. Colleague A & B - Eh! What happen... Do daring?
3. MyGF sis - bahahahaha... eerr... ok la....
4. CID in police station (don't ask why I'm there) - ............... (keep staring at me like I'm an escaped convict from lock-up, most probably gone to check the wanted list to make sure)
5. Malaccan Thread Pals - Muahahahaha... yau meh?
6. Mother - Huh?! (Preparing to have an argument with me)
7. Sis in Law - What happen?! (Preparing to back my mom with the argument)
8. Little Cousin - Aiyeeerrr.. what happen to you?!
9. Aunt 1 - Huarrrrr.... (smilling) why cut so short?
10. Aunt 2 - Hahahahaha... so short!
11. Aunt 3 - (Near tears in the eye like I have convicted heresy) Why you cut so short?!
12. Contractor 1 - Ooooo... no wonder you never attend the previous meeting.
13. Contractor 2 - I think your head look bigger.
14. Contractor 3 - Do this project until need to shave your hair?

Well, I thought I kinda look cool, but actually I'm happy that I do not need to comb my hair every morning.... not that I comb that frequent anyway...

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Bella said...

haha! i understand that. i just had a haircut too. my head feels light now, use less shampoo and there's no need to comb hair everyday. just put some wax and do the out-of-bed do. wah....