Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Me: Eh woman! Want marry?
MyGF: Oh, I though you never ask. Of course, I have been waiting this question for more than 5 years.
Me: Ok! Ok! Then make arrangement woman!
MyGF: Yes dear, I am so lucky to have you, you are my everything, sun, moon, stars.
Me: Muahahahahahahahaaaa muahahahahahahaha........


Bella said...

proposed on her birthday? how cliche. haha. anyway, congrats!

Anonymous said...

nice phrase....not copyrighted right ? think i might use it

** stella ** said...

wah lao.. damn tak romantic :|

uncle memang uncle.


Celulite said...

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aLittleMisfit said...

eeerr... thank you,
but cellulite? for me?!?
and Spanish >_<"