Thursday, May 29, 2008

Terrible Me!

I have talked to two of my close friends on the phone. I realized what a terrible person I am.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Misfit Trial Food Review: Loh Bak Rice 1

Recent comment that my food review is an utmost failure, not enough details and description. So I giving it a try based on the suggestions.

I don’t really have an addiction to stew pork, but it so happens that I have just way into one shop selling it.

This shop is a branch of Alor Gajah famous pork stew rice. It’s newer, much cleaner and of course more comfortable than old stall.

Jumping the modernization franchise bandwagon

Detail Composition

The stew pork rice (RM3.50) includes of rice, a piece of pork belly meat (three layer meat) that is a mixture of fat and tender meat, a piece of lean meat, and some fried taugeh.

Well, the black piece of meat does remind me of the roach I killed at home the night before.

Say a Little Prayer!

And complimentary finish meal picture, I do not believe in wasting food and I was hungry.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Normal Cycle Of Work

Morning, attend a project meeting. Its a messy project that got plenty of complaints from the public.

Messy Plot

The contractors are putting up the signboard during the meeting we are sort of having a fun fare instead of starting the meeting.

Acrobatic Show

If this guy falls, I’m gonna be rich.

Meeting… did not have enough bullet proof vests, and I was too upset lately to start any war. The project director instructed me to meet DID director for immediate approval as it has been long withstanding. The PD wanted me to INSTRUCT them because he says so.

Eating is part of the meeting minutes

After meeting, rush to meet the DID for their project approval. Found out that the letter of approval is ready, but the Director is not in, so I have to come again the following morning. Called the PD, he ask why is the director not in? I lied and I don’t know why.

Reach office, upsetting with life, my quitting junior as good for nothing now, does nothing but sabotaging the office.

Goes online finding some consolation and ignoring the much needed design works. Not much consolation found L

Bully my way around office and my clerk treat me this. Was happy for while it last.

Mimi saves the day!

Bored, goes home.

The following morning, rushed to see the director. Director asked for more detail so that he would not look compromising. He wanted the details before lunch. Time 8:40am. I rushed back office to instruct my staff. Have breakfast.

Rushed to the One Stop Center (OSC) meeting for another project approval, seems more than 20 projects to be discussed there. Time 9:30am.

the So called professional

They have guts doing requesting this~ all are waiting impatiently without food or water while they dine like hell inside.


Girlboy help pass the required drawings to me and help stand in for the OSC meeting in case it’s our turn. Time 11:40am. All that time I am spending my time between doing some fake “hello” and thinking how much I hate myself and missing that someone.

Rush back to DID, meet the director, noticed the drawings are not really up to his request. Cursing myself, my staff, and the director inside my mind, I had to oblige his extra request for details. Rush back to OSC meeting. Time 12:10pm.

Thanking Girlboy, and requesting him back to office to cover our asses. I engaged the same useless waiting and hating again. Time 12:20pm.

Phone call from misc QS, useless contractors, etc etc… Saw Girlboy still around viewing some galleries. Time 12:35pm.

Hating myself and missing someone again… Till our turn… Time 1:20pm.

Minor bump in the meeting but I came out unscathed. Time 1:35pm.

Drive back office, hungry like hell, reach office, have lunch. Snap photo of lunch, being laughed by regulars, retort saying taking cockroach photo evidence. Time 2:00pm

Indian Red Chilli Chicken

Finished eating, back office, unending barrage of telephone calls. Time 2:20pm.

Noticed design problem with the soon to be resubmitted DID report. I’m terribly screwed. Continue receiving telephone barrage. Depress, online and email a pal for comfort. Received reply that if I don’t stop emailing, she’s gonna kill herself. Time 3:30pm

PD called again, I did not receive, and do not intent to call back. End up spending the afternoon depressed and online. Work suffers.

Friend call for a tea, realized forgotten the own business appointment, bang head on table. Left the office. Time 6:20pm.

Small Piece Roti Canai

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Testimonial of Friends

................... *not talking* *not replying*

tats y ppl dun like to talk to u coz u always talk negative things. we need to get closer with ppl who always energetic & positive, nt those always give us negative thinking.

can stop yelling and complaining there? am a bit sick of it oledi la, seriously. nt bcoz of am nt considerate, but i really dun like ppl always in tis kind of condition, it is so de-motivated! i tell u ar, if u keep behave like tis, i bet no one would luv to talk with u anymore

I'm seriously losing friends here...........

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Turn Back Time

If you can turn back the time, what will you change? I do not believe you will never change anything.

Try harder? Treat someone better? Letting go? Take that chance? Take that risk? Should never take that risk? Should never do things that will never end well? Saying I love you? Should never tell that someone I love you?

If given the chance, would you rather kept your distance? Not risking what you have now? The more you tried right the wrong, the more desperate your attempt to heal, get things back to the way it used to be. The more it hurts and backfires.

Life gonna kick you in the teeth. Repeatedly!

I sure wish I’d buy different jackpot number.

Misfit Trial Food Review: Ayoob Melaka Raya

Ayoob Plaza Melaka Raya.

I ordered Mee Goreng Ayam. Taste so so only.. with friend chicken drumstick. RM4.90. I've had better... plenty of times.

With some lemon seed I spit from my ice lemon tea

Frog tested Mee Rojak. I don't think it taste good.

Mee Rojak

Monday, May 19, 2008

Growing up

Happy kids are a pleasant sight. They carefree, without ulterior motives, ignorant to the worry of adult lives. The laughter kinda remind you of how things was.

It got me thinking, since when did a spoilt brat turned to an unhappy adult jerk?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Misfit Trial Food Review: New Newton Foodcourt

The second trial of food blogging. New Newton "Food Village". To those who attended and does not eat much. You FAILED IN HUMANITY~!

The yummy and ultra flavored stew pork in black soy sauce. Eat together with fragrance's white rice. RM8 + RM0.80 for rice.

Yum Yum!!

One of my favoured food here. It is a must eat with the dipping of bird-eye chillies soy.

Yum Yum Again!

Portugues style baked stingray. Extra spicy gravy with some little with lime juice. RM11 per small piece.

Baked Fish and Fruit Juice

Hong Kong chee cheong fan with minced pork, didn't really know the price as paid by

Chee Cheong Fan

The Chinese style satay seems the be adequately flavoured, but still, something does not feel right. Tasted more like marinated with just curry powder only.

Rice, Stew Pork, Satay, and clayport noodle

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Misfit Trial Food Review: Mega Mac

There are gazillions of food review blogs out there, so I decided to jump in the bandwagon, who knows? I might be talented….. ahahahahahaha…. Ok, ok… I get your point. So, what’s the best way to start than the Mega Mac. Eff Wai Ai, I used to enjoy Big Mac, fries, etc etc… I was a McD junkie, and Mega Mac seems to be the ideal choice…. Actually, It’s because Neuro wanted to eat at McD.

Ok, I reached after Kakaroach ordered some fries which I helped myself with. Sorry Steve, but I did repay your fries.

There’s the Mega baby, and It cost RM13.55 including tax for the medium set lunch.

Its typically a big mac with FOUR piece of beef patties instead of two.

Mega Mac

Here’s another clearer picture showing the meat. I apologize for forgetting to place a ruler next to it. You know, for scale or comparison purposes.

And a burger will never be completed without adding some fries in it.

Build More Pylons

And the crashing of pylons, I mean closings

It taste ok, you can feel the amount of msg, the beef is flavored adequately, standard lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Well, if you like Big Mac, there’s a good chance you will enjoy it. The downside is we puny Asians do not have Kareem Abdul Jaabar’s hand or Chris Rocks mouth. So eating it will be messy.

No! Eating it layer by layer is not acceptable. It’s like using F-22 for crop dusting. It completely beat its purposes.

Don’t mess with me.

After finish the Mega Mac, medium Coke, and medium fries, I do feel extra bloated.

The conclusion of this review is….

I am getting old.

Yes, I suck.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Upsy Tursy 1

Recently I’ve watched P.s I Love you, well, I do think it’s a good movie. There is some “touching scene”. I nearly fell a tear or two, have to pretend sleepy as I was watching with someone.

It’s not even as touching as me watching the original Godzilla pwn the western Godzilla in Final Wars.

I’m getting soft. I don’t like myself even more now.

I deserve to die!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am sorry!

I am a selfish idiot. I have make too much damage. It hurts, a lot.

I am so sorry.

I need friendly hugs :(

of course.. if its nadine velazquez... not sad also i want hug

Friday, May 02, 2008

Daily Misfit Blunder

Case 1
At a construction site where I have meeting, my handphone battery went dead (actually cause I played game on it non stop during meeting). So I used a site staff charger to charge my phone.

"Charge phone and went for lunch... come back... phone should have enough power for another gaming round."

But then I noticed that I did not on power!

Case 2
My mom asked me to pass an BBQ tray to my aunt, so after work I drop by my aunt house. I was thinking... "What the hell?! So rich still wants to borrow this?!"
Saw my Blonde-wit cousin, I wanted to dish out the tray from my car bonnet like some kind of sniper rifle, it'll look sooooo COOL.

But then the tray fell from the box, and crash to the road.

I hate life!