Friday, May 02, 2008

Daily Misfit Blunder

Case 1
At a construction site where I have meeting, my handphone battery went dead (actually cause I played game on it non stop during meeting). So I used a site staff charger to charge my phone.

"Charge phone and went for lunch... come back... phone should have enough power for another gaming round."

But then I noticed that I did not on power!

Case 2
My mom asked me to pass an BBQ tray to my aunt, so after work I drop by my aunt house. I was thinking... "What the hell?! So rich still wants to borrow this?!"
Saw my Blonde-wit cousin, I wanted to dish out the tray from my car bonnet like some kind of sniper rifle, it'll look sooooo COOL.

But then the tray fell from the box, and crash to the road.

I hate life!

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