Monday, May 26, 2008

Misfit Trial Food Review: Loh Bak Rice 1

Recent comment that my food review is an utmost failure, not enough details and description. So I giving it a try based on the suggestions.

I don’t really have an addiction to stew pork, but it so happens that I have just way into one shop selling it.

This shop is a branch of Alor Gajah famous pork stew rice. It’s newer, much cleaner and of course more comfortable than old stall.

Jumping the modernization franchise bandwagon

Detail Composition

The stew pork rice (RM3.50) includes of rice, a piece of pork belly meat (three layer meat) that is a mixture of fat and tender meat, a piece of lean meat, and some fried taugeh.

Well, the black piece of meat does remind me of the roach I killed at home the night before.

Say a Little Prayer!

And complimentary finish meal picture, I do not believe in wasting food and I was hungry.

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