Saturday, May 17, 2008

Misfit Trial Food Review: Mega Mac

There are gazillions of food review blogs out there, so I decided to jump in the bandwagon, who knows? I might be talented….. ahahahahahaha…. Ok, ok… I get your point. So, what’s the best way to start than the Mega Mac. Eff Wai Ai, I used to enjoy Big Mac, fries, etc etc… I was a McD junkie, and Mega Mac seems to be the ideal choice…. Actually, It’s because Neuro wanted to eat at McD.

Ok, I reached after Kakaroach ordered some fries which I helped myself with. Sorry Steve, but I did repay your fries.

There’s the Mega baby, and It cost RM13.55 including tax for the medium set lunch.

Its typically a big mac with FOUR piece of beef patties instead of two.

Mega Mac

Here’s another clearer picture showing the meat. I apologize for forgetting to place a ruler next to it. You know, for scale or comparison purposes.

And a burger will never be completed without adding some fries in it.

Build More Pylons

And the crashing of pylons, I mean closings

It taste ok, you can feel the amount of msg, the beef is flavored adequately, standard lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Well, if you like Big Mac, there’s a good chance you will enjoy it. The downside is we puny Asians do not have Kareem Abdul Jaabar’s hand or Chris Rocks mouth. So eating it will be messy.

No! Eating it layer by layer is not acceptable. It’s like using F-22 for crop dusting. It completely beat its purposes.

Don’t mess with me.

After finish the Mega Mac, medium Coke, and medium fries, I do feel extra bloated.

The conclusion of this review is….

I am getting old.

Yes, I suck.


stevanistelrooy@LYN said...

LOL... nothing one la..
want to take the whole fries go also can xD

And spam stella with RAMADA......................

han meng said...

neuro wanna eat neuro? lol