Sunday, May 18, 2008

Misfit Trial Food Review: New Newton Foodcourt

The second trial of food blogging. New Newton "Food Village". To those who attended and does not eat much. You FAILED IN HUMANITY~!

The yummy and ultra flavored stew pork in black soy sauce. Eat together with fragrance's white rice. RM8 + RM0.80 for rice.

Yum Yum!!

One of my favoured food here. It is a must eat with the dipping of bird-eye chillies soy.

Yum Yum Again!

Portugues style baked stingray. Extra spicy gravy with some little with lime juice. RM11 per small piece.

Baked Fish and Fruit Juice

Hong Kong chee cheong fan with minced pork, didn't really know the price as paid by

Chee Cheong Fan

The Chinese style satay seems the be adequately flavoured, but still, something does not feel right. Tasted more like marinated with just curry powder only.

Rice, Stew Pork, Satay, and clayport noodle


you know who I am said...

terasa sial.. 1st paragraph already shoot =.=

aLittleMisfit said...

next time u better eat up!