Friday, May 23, 2008

Normal Cycle Of Work

Morning, attend a project meeting. Its a messy project that got plenty of complaints from the public.

Messy Plot

The contractors are putting up the signboard during the meeting we are sort of having a fun fare instead of starting the meeting.

Acrobatic Show

If this guy falls, I’m gonna be rich.

Meeting… did not have enough bullet proof vests, and I was too upset lately to start any war. The project director instructed me to meet DID director for immediate approval as it has been long withstanding. The PD wanted me to INSTRUCT them because he says so.

Eating is part of the meeting minutes

After meeting, rush to meet the DID for their project approval. Found out that the letter of approval is ready, but the Director is not in, so I have to come again the following morning. Called the PD, he ask why is the director not in? I lied and I don’t know why.

Reach office, upsetting with life, my quitting junior as good for nothing now, does nothing but sabotaging the office.

Goes online finding some consolation and ignoring the much needed design works. Not much consolation found L

Bully my way around office and my clerk treat me this. Was happy for while it last.

Mimi saves the day!

Bored, goes home.

The following morning, rushed to see the director. Director asked for more detail so that he would not look compromising. He wanted the details before lunch. Time 8:40am. I rushed back office to instruct my staff. Have breakfast.

Rushed to the One Stop Center (OSC) meeting for another project approval, seems more than 20 projects to be discussed there. Time 9:30am.

the So called professional

They have guts doing requesting this~ all are waiting impatiently without food or water while they dine like hell inside.


Girlboy help pass the required drawings to me and help stand in for the OSC meeting in case it’s our turn. Time 11:40am. All that time I am spending my time between doing some fake “hello” and thinking how much I hate myself and missing that someone.

Rush back to DID, meet the director, noticed the drawings are not really up to his request. Cursing myself, my staff, and the director inside my mind, I had to oblige his extra request for details. Rush back to OSC meeting. Time 12:10pm.

Thanking Girlboy, and requesting him back to office to cover our asses. I engaged the same useless waiting and hating again. Time 12:20pm.

Phone call from misc QS, useless contractors, etc etc… Saw Girlboy still around viewing some galleries. Time 12:35pm.

Hating myself and missing someone again… Till our turn… Time 1:20pm.

Minor bump in the meeting but I came out unscathed. Time 1:35pm.

Drive back office, hungry like hell, reach office, have lunch. Snap photo of lunch, being laughed by regulars, retort saying taking cockroach photo evidence. Time 2:00pm

Indian Red Chilli Chicken

Finished eating, back office, unending barrage of telephone calls. Time 2:20pm.

Noticed design problem with the soon to be resubmitted DID report. I’m terribly screwed. Continue receiving telephone barrage. Depress, online and email a pal for comfort. Received reply that if I don’t stop emailing, she’s gonna kill herself. Time 3:30pm

PD called again, I did not receive, and do not intent to call back. End up spending the afternoon depressed and online. Work suffers.

Friend call for a tea, realized forgotten the own business appointment, bang head on table. Left the office. Time 6:20pm.

Small Piece Roti Canai

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