Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

aLittleMisfit Song

Found this while online....

A song about me! LOL!!!
but quite true T_T


Artist: Donna Summer

There's a good there's a bad
some are gay, some are sad
there's a right, there's a wrong
those who fit don't belong

Well I'm the bad
and I've got to admit
that I'm sad
I'm a little misfit
I'm in the wrong
and that's the truth of it
I don't belong
I'm a little misfit

There's the sun there's the rain
those in love those in pain
some succeed while others fail
some will ease someone tells

Well I'm in the rain
and I've got to admit
that I gonna pay
I'm a little misfit

Though I've failed
that's the truth of it
see me tell
I'm a little misfit

Life's so hard when you're far from everything
life's so cold when you know you have no friends

Well I've lost
and I've got to admit
that I've paid the cost
I'm a little misfit

I still grow
and that's the truth of it
I'll always fall
I'm a little misfit

Well I'm bad
and I've got to admit
that I'm sad
I'm a little misfit

Well I'm bad
and that's the truth of it
that makes me sad
I'm a little misfit

Well I'm lost
and I've got to admit
that I've paid the cost
I'm a little misfit

I'm so poor

Friday, June 27, 2008

The evil Colleague

Lately my staffs/colleagues inefficiencies kept causing me on the receiving end of bombardment. Life is depressing enough without all these already.

Today I blew them off... I lectured them... even some due to my own mistakes. But NEH!!! I couldn't care less. Even if they're tired and depressed too.

I felt good after scolding people.... IT FELT SOOOOOO GOOODDDD!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pick Me Up when I am down

Almost every time when I was unhappy, down, stressed. I used my own Pick Me Up method.

My trusty method is take a deep deep breathe, hold a while, and let out a big big.


repeat if I have to, and quickly do my stuff when I felt a bit better.

but lately, this method is getting less and less affective.

* Disclaimer
Do not use this method when you have garlic breath and there was someone in front of you

Another Friend Bites the dust

(06:06:29 PM) aLittleIdiot: i would want to change my life... go for broke.. totally different
(06:07:02 PM) Daisy: totally different from now?
(06:07:31 PM) Daisy: or change ur life to wat u want ur life to be?
(06:07:55 PM) aLittleIdiot: what i have the chance to be
(06:08:28 PM) Daisy: i mean u want change ur life into ur desire life
(06:08:52 PM) Daisy: the life tat u want
(06:10:00 PM) aLittleIdiot: yeah.. but there will never be a guarantee that the life WILL be the one u wants
(06:15:29 PM) Daisy: of cause lah....give and take...but at least is toward tat direction...not Backward
(06:15:40 PM) aLittleIdiot: i want become gigolo
(06:15:42 PM) aLittleIdiot: muahahahaha
(06:16:08 PM) Daisy: alamak....only now i know tis is ur direction
(06:16:29 PM) Daisy: then u have to be a happy gigolo
(06:16:30 PM) aLittleIdiot: can la can la
(06:16:50 PM) aLittleIdiot: if u got "need", u know who to call ya... i gif discount

I'm so gonna lose friends here

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Blog Coming!

That'll be a whole new thing................... keep posted! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Letter from Misfit

Dear whinning aLittleMisfit,

Stop whining like a pussy, I am getting sick and tired of your pathetic self. Wanted or not, you are required to pick yourself up again. Failing is not an option.

As you know, your wife, kids, dogs, house, car, two turtle, and a nest of ants are counting on you. So kick yourself in the teeth. And live on, you sucking idiot shithole useless selfish spoilt pussying brat!

Yours sincerely,



Dear aLittleMisfit,

Hello, it’s me again. Thanks for your kick of reality. It has been a tiring weekend, with work and my darn PC problems taken up most of my time. But not to complain, Saturday night, I wanted to follow OC to have some happy hour in the tourist filled Jonker Street. OC stated that he will bring some chicks for drinks… WOOHOOOO!!!

Well, I came out early as to look at my staffs. Turns out, they went back home early which resulted me being lectured my client. Hehe, it is okay, shits happen. I just have to kill my staff later.

Not letting anything to dampen me, and I was damn early, I randomly called you for a chat. Damn you for not refusing to pick up my call. So, since I was free, I resorted to something I was not proud of. I contributed to pollution by driving around. Then, I picked up OC and got the bombshell.


Frog will be joining us for a drink, though he can’t drink due to some stupidity of his. Others, well others will not make it as usual. Too bad that Frog do not have boobs. Err.. thinking back, luckily he does not have boobs, that would be one AWKWARD looking chick.

Then a government officer called to follow up a site accident earlier. So there was I, talking via my Bluetooth headset seems making me look like a lunatic to tourist as I was constantly walking, liaising with contractors… in the middle of tourist shopping area. It is just too bad that I didn’t have the chance to make fun of tourist, like waving a fake knife around, I’ll sure be enjoying me. Cause the tourist fully occupied the drinking area, leaving us to have cendol instead. It was the exact same shop I have gone once with a buddy, and it tasted just average.

Some drinking session I had huh? It’s actually to be my… eer.. lifetime forth drinking session. Hehe, perhaps next time, if you drop by again, we can have a drink, just you and me, mano vs. mano. We have so much in life to catch up again. Looking forward to be the true you again.

Yours Sincerely,

Ex-Whinning aLittleMisfit

Friday, June 20, 2008

Morally Decision?

Sometimes, decision of morally would be thrown to you. It seems to normal thing to do, just how low can I swoop? It may be nothing, but what about next time, or another next time? We do we draw the line? I may not be a man of good moral, but there are things that I would reluctant to do.

Deducting my options, my choices, it seems both are unfavorable to me. I have been dealt with Law 31, Control the Options: Get others to play with the card you deal.

On the verge of me making a choice, my phone dropped on the floor. I picked it up again, only this time, I didn't make the call. I don't know what to do.

I have no faith, I have no spiritual guidance, I near soulless. And in the state that I am, I can't really analyze well.

I have nobody to talk to, please help.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Best Score Yet #2

While watching In Bruges, got bored and randomly played. Even better than when I truly tried.
Guess life would be better when you are not out looking.

Massage Visit

My body have been failing me recently, and my emotional state does not help much either. So, with a bit persuasion, I joined my colleagues Girlboy and Singer for a massage.

Girlboy is really an embarrassment… especially his talking with the manager.. Imagine a near 30 year old virgin shocked faced when being told that the Jacuzzi are shared by both gender. And we are lucky or to my unluckiness that there are no female there. But I think the manager is bluffing.

So… bath, dive into the Jacuzzi, go steam bath, go sonar room, shower again. Then up to massage we go.

I opt for an oil massage, I choose a china girl cause I wanted to be able to communicate with them this time. Last time i have chosen a thai massage, hence a thai lady who couldn’t differentiate my face expressing of pain and enjoyment.

This massage lady is ok, good professional massage, it really kept me from thinking about my lives, what is happening around me, and work. But she does kept pestering me for more services such as longer massage time, ear waxing.. etc etc….

Siao Hong: Oooo, mister, you have a bad neck. See? (Pulling my neck muscle) Non elastic.

Me: *Cough cough.* Oooo… ic ic.

No, I did not do any hanky panky action.

And I found that (from her) that I have rheumatism, bad muscle, gassy, and yeah… very hairy knee.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Future Funeral

Rest in peace.

Ever think what will happen if one day you unexpectedly conk off? What preparation have you done? If I die, I want this picture. It's an old picture, a picture that I can still mildly accept.

It's another moment of weakness for me again. Perhaps this is the closes I'd ever post my true self.. but of course, I looks much ugly and fat now.

But who will write an eulogy for me? :(

Mah Neu Shoes

It is always very frustrating for me to buy shoes, either it is not the type I wanted, too expensive, or my sizes sold out.

Few weeks ago, during sales period, I saw a hush puppies that is suitable for me... with 30% discount. It was still higher than my normal budget, so I just keep in mind. After scouting around for a few more day, I found out that other shoes than are suitable for me are just slightly cheaper. So hush puppies it is.

Unfortunately, that store offer has ended.

So, here I am, back to square one. After much arguing, scouting, I decided to go with my second choice, a lightweight crocodile. Mind you, I will never wear those "high heel" men shoes. It just doesn't suit me.

Unfortunately again, I have to settle for dark brown as black have been sold out. Dark Brown it is.

It is so comfortable in these.

and it is extra light weight too

Two weeks after, I went to another shopping complex, they have the black colour available, in my size >_<"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Need Support

Buddies, now is the good time for your support :'(

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flu Bug

It has been a week and I still haven't really recovered with this illness. Perhaps due to some other factors such as me sleeping even less.

Been ill is one.. hallucinating is another, I can't really think as good as I wanted to. Missing something is bad, hallucination, blur and missing something is even worst.

My life is moving to the stage I never quite wanted to reach yet. It is suffocating me. Have you ever woke up one day and realized that all your life have been wasted, and it was never the one you wanted.

It have been a long month. I couldn’t help to feel if anyone feel like I do, and I don’t know how.

Oppps... gotta go, have to pick up my life again!

Happy Fathers Day

It is Fathers Day, and as usual I did not spent the day with my father. He's enjoying himself over golf.

I did text him earlier, and he replied: "Thank you. We are playing golf at Sri Menanti. Have a nice weekend."

Yeah, have a nice weekend day. I knew I never said this, and never will to you, I am a bad son. Please forgive me. Happy Fathers Day. You are the best dad I can ever hope for.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Love Thought?

Recently, a movie I watched stated that you are in love in someone if you talk to them in your mind for at least 20 minutes a day.

I would like to ask you a question: “Do you do that after more you get married? Or after the couple honeymoon period passes?” I guess not.

Currently, I am talking to someone for nearly every hour of the day…..




cause I just can’t shut up for too long :-P

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Credit Card

I applied a new gold card recently, and purposely stated my yearly income as $50000 per year which is of course bullock! And when it arrived......


Damnit... they still think I am a kid! A Tazzy card with ONLY $3000 limit?!

My other card limit is $3000... thats dinosaur ages ago!!!!!!!!!

I didn't ask for Tazzy T.T, my backside itch when people asked to apply in an expo... if I knew that is was a cartoon card... I die die also don't want.
Unless it's Godzilla of course

i like Tazzy.. but not in my card la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just imagine... you going for outing or dating... impressed someone... later pay by Tazzy card.... and people die laughing <_<

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Come Home: Me, Myself and I

I've been listening to One Republic's Come Home.
So, I think I will be editing the lyric and sing it to myself...
Title Me, Myself, and I

Hello world
Hope you're I am listening
Forgive me if I’m young old
For speaking out of turn misery
There’s someone I’ve been missing
I think that they could be
The better half of me
They’re in their own place trying to make it right
But I’m tired of justifying
So i say you’ I 'll..

Come home Go on
Come home Go on
Cause I’ve been waiting for you Cause I have been struggling
For so long
For so long For how long?
And right now there's a war between the vanities
But all i see is you myself, I and me
The fight for
you my own inner peace is all I’ve ever known
So come home So go on....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving Positive

Since I have been getting to the wrong end of negativity, therefore I will try to provide some motivational or positive quote/part lyrics/ whatsoever to someone or in the net. Update as daily as I can.

It is not for gloating “thy better off” than you place; it will be for peoples who are near down and out, perhaps needing whatsoever little positivity that they can get in life. Maybe I will be better myself.

No, I am not preaching, this will not decent into any preaching or religion, in fact, I would punch someone in the throat if they ever tell me about goodness a month ago. Publicly, I still say I would.

I am far from perfect; I am just trying to turn my life around.

I started today, got flu, still going on... bombarded in meeting... still going strong.... food stain on my shirt... no problem....

Summon letter for speeding.... WHY LA??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Misfit Weekend Rendezvous: Family Dinner

Was late as usual for family dinner, honestly not my fault this time. Ate like pig, played with my little niece. I think she shitted by her facial expression. Unknown to him, my father goes to her and say “Who is the naughtiest girl around?!” and smack her lightly on the back side. I go “Muahahahahhaha!”

I would not want to be there when my sis in law changes the diaper.

Misfit Weekend Rendezvous: My First Ciggy

My hope that depressing time is coming to an end. I just have my first cigarette. Two people smoking in someone toilet (Don’t ask). The caffeine and nicotine synergy effect helps the sleep deprive me zigzagged through the highway around 150kpm.

The after effect: Relieved, then sad. Hopefully, peace and acceptance will come next.

Misfit Weekend Rendezvous: St. John Hill Supper

Me and my MTian gang had supper on one of our regular location. Steve provided us with Bak Zhang, courtesy of Auntie Kinky’s threat! I was late due to some errant, but we do enjoy ourselves. I was busy making fun of Auntie losing money that I overpaid someone else for something. T.T

Halfway on supper, myGF called, and those monkeys made some monkey noise to disturb. After I hung up, Kamwah turn to receive a call, I was shouting karma for a payback but that sneaky fellar left the table to talk on a public telephone booth. It’s weird actually, for someone talking on cell phone in a telephone booth.

As it turns out, it’s a long conversation. We grew tired, paid and leave. When he turned back, this would be something that he probably seen. Yeah, we are good friends.

Forgot to take the empty table picture. But I have a picture of my empty plate

Kamwah call 10minute after we left.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another about me....

I kept telling myself I am good, but why is it that I couldn't care less about people around me.

I am heartless, then why did it hurt like hell when people I cared suffers?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Trial Poem: Test No. 1

Since the trial food blog is a failure, i hereby will try some poem....

Is very tiring
Spend time wanting to
Slide away all the time

Slipping away from reality
Yearning for something......
Godzilla better come quick!

Yeah... it sucks!

Will I Really Survive? Karma...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Misfit Business Revival 1

It is one to those tiring days again. I tried to revive my failed attempt for business. So I agreed to participate in a sales roadshow. I would have to provide some sales staff and I provided 3 for 4 days.

The first day, the was no sales whatever. My knee cap seems giving away. It was depressing but there was not much people at the mall anyway. So I tried my friend method, this friend likes McD ice cream and will always put a smile on the face.
It works... It help me to relax. Perhaps its the cream and sugar.

The next day, I drop my at night. Can't help to noticed Malacca latest stupid UFO tower landmark, it is an impressive piece of engineering. I was busy looking at the tower that I did not noticed I am crossing a road. Hey, I have the power to stop a bus . COOL!

The UFO Tower

The situation is so bad, by the final day, all the other agents have abandon the post. All were giving up on this roadshow. My proof below.

Abandon Ship

So I tried what I do in the first day again... But this time, as the tourist flocked to the nearest McD counter. I bought the ice-cream for a stall... Sad to say, the imitation ice-cream did not work.

Imitation 101

So there I was, body aching, knee cap hurt, leg hurts... looks like time is catching up with me. Didn't manage to get a massage, so the best I can do is this.

Self Heal 101