Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Friend Bites the dust

(06:06:29 PM) aLittleIdiot: i would want to change my life... go for broke.. totally different
(06:07:02 PM) Daisy: totally different from now?
(06:07:31 PM) Daisy: or change ur life to wat u want ur life to be?
(06:07:55 PM) aLittleIdiot: what i have the chance to be
(06:08:28 PM) Daisy: i mean u want change ur life into ur desire life
(06:08:52 PM) Daisy: the life tat u want
(06:10:00 PM) aLittleIdiot: yeah.. but there will never be a guarantee that the life WILL be the one u wants
(06:15:29 PM) Daisy: of cause lah....give and take...but at least is toward tat direction...not Backward
(06:15:40 PM) aLittleIdiot: i want become gigolo
(06:15:42 PM) aLittleIdiot: muahahahaha
(06:16:08 PM) Daisy: alamak....only now i know tis is ur direction
(06:16:29 PM) Daisy: then u have to be a happy gigolo
(06:16:30 PM) aLittleIdiot: can la can la
(06:16:50 PM) aLittleIdiot: if u got "need", u know who to call ya... i gif discount

I'm so gonna lose friends here

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