Monday, June 23, 2008

Letter from Misfit

Dear whinning aLittleMisfit,

Stop whining like a pussy, I am getting sick and tired of your pathetic self. Wanted or not, you are required to pick yourself up again. Failing is not an option.

As you know, your wife, kids, dogs, house, car, two turtle, and a nest of ants are counting on you. So kick yourself in the teeth. And live on, you sucking idiot shithole useless selfish spoilt pussying brat!

Yours sincerely,



Dear aLittleMisfit,

Hello, it’s me again. Thanks for your kick of reality. It has been a tiring weekend, with work and my darn PC problems taken up most of my time. But not to complain, Saturday night, I wanted to follow OC to have some happy hour in the tourist filled Jonker Street. OC stated that he will bring some chicks for drinks… WOOHOOOO!!!

Well, I came out early as to look at my staffs. Turns out, they went back home early which resulted me being lectured my client. Hehe, it is okay, shits happen. I just have to kill my staff later.

Not letting anything to dampen me, and I was damn early, I randomly called you for a chat. Damn you for not refusing to pick up my call. So, since I was free, I resorted to something I was not proud of. I contributed to pollution by driving around. Then, I picked up OC and got the bombshell.


Frog will be joining us for a drink, though he can’t drink due to some stupidity of his. Others, well others will not make it as usual. Too bad that Frog do not have boobs. Err.. thinking back, luckily he does not have boobs, that would be one AWKWARD looking chick.

Then a government officer called to follow up a site accident earlier. So there was I, talking via my Bluetooth headset seems making me look like a lunatic to tourist as I was constantly walking, liaising with contractors… in the middle of tourist shopping area. It is just too bad that I didn’t have the chance to make fun of tourist, like waving a fake knife around, I’ll sure be enjoying me. Cause the tourist fully occupied the drinking area, leaving us to have cendol instead. It was the exact same shop I have gone once with a buddy, and it tasted just average.

Some drinking session I had huh? It’s actually to be my… eer.. lifetime forth drinking session. Hehe, perhaps next time, if you drop by again, we can have a drink, just you and me, mano vs. mano. We have so much in life to catch up again. Looking forward to be the true you again.

Yours Sincerely,

Ex-Whinning aLittleMisfit

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