Thursday, June 19, 2008

Massage Visit

My body have been failing me recently, and my emotional state does not help much either. So, with a bit persuasion, I joined my colleagues Girlboy and Singer for a massage.

Girlboy is really an embarrassment… especially his talking with the manager.. Imagine a near 30 year old virgin shocked faced when being told that the Jacuzzi are shared by both gender. And we are lucky or to my unluckiness that there are no female there. But I think the manager is bluffing.

So… bath, dive into the Jacuzzi, go steam bath, go sonar room, shower again. Then up to massage we go.

I opt for an oil massage, I choose a china girl cause I wanted to be able to communicate with them this time. Last time i have chosen a thai massage, hence a thai lady who couldn’t differentiate my face expressing of pain and enjoyment.

This massage lady is ok, good professional massage, it really kept me from thinking about my lives, what is happening around me, and work. But she does kept pestering me for more services such as longer massage time, ear waxing.. etc etc….

Siao Hong: Oooo, mister, you have a bad neck. See? (Pulling my neck muscle) Non elastic.

Me: *Cough cough.* Oooo… ic ic.

No, I did not do any hanky panky action.

And I found that (from her) that I have rheumatism, bad muscle, gassy, and yeah… very hairy knee.


eddy said...

wah wah wah!
which massage parlour u go?
expensive ka?

aLittleMisfit said...

Fine. $81+
Await you back next time :)