Monday, June 02, 2008

Misfit Business Revival 1

It is one to those tiring days again. I tried to revive my failed attempt for business. So I agreed to participate in a sales roadshow. I would have to provide some sales staff and I provided 3 for 4 days.

The first day, the was no sales whatever. My knee cap seems giving away. It was depressing but there was not much people at the mall anyway. So I tried my friend method, this friend likes McD ice cream and will always put a smile on the face.
It works... It help me to relax. Perhaps its the cream and sugar.

The next day, I drop my at night. Can't help to noticed Malacca latest stupid UFO tower landmark, it is an impressive piece of engineering. I was busy looking at the tower that I did not noticed I am crossing a road. Hey, I have the power to stop a bus . COOL!

The UFO Tower

The situation is so bad, by the final day, all the other agents have abandon the post. All were giving up on this roadshow. My proof below.

Abandon Ship

So I tried what I do in the first day again... But this time, as the tourist flocked to the nearest McD counter. I bought the ice-cream for a stall... Sad to say, the imitation ice-cream did not work.

Imitation 101

So there I was, body aching, knee cap hurt, leg hurts... looks like time is catching up with me. Didn't manage to get a massage, so the best I can do is this.

Self Heal 101

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