Monday, June 09, 2008

Misfit Weekend Rendezvous: St. John Hill Supper

Me and my MTian gang had supper on one of our regular location. Steve provided us with Bak Zhang, courtesy of Auntie Kinky’s threat! I was late due to some errant, but we do enjoy ourselves. I was busy making fun of Auntie losing money that I overpaid someone else for something. T.T

Halfway on supper, myGF called, and those monkeys made some monkey noise to disturb. After I hung up, Kamwah turn to receive a call, I was shouting karma for a payback but that sneaky fellar left the table to talk on a public telephone booth. It’s weird actually, for someone talking on cell phone in a telephone booth.

As it turns out, it’s a long conversation. We grew tired, paid and leave. When he turned back, this would be something that he probably seen. Yeah, we are good friends.

Forgot to take the empty table picture. But I have a picture of my empty plate

Kamwah call 10minute after we left.

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eddy said...

leaving your mates and run!

i would do the same too :p