Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving Positive

Since I have been getting to the wrong end of negativity, therefore I will try to provide some motivational or positive quote/part lyrics/ whatsoever to someone or in the net. Update as daily as I can.

It is not for gloating “thy better off” than you place; it will be for peoples who are near down and out, perhaps needing whatsoever little positivity that they can get in life. Maybe I will be better myself.

No, I am not preaching, this will not decent into any preaching or religion, in fact, I would punch someone in the throat if they ever tell me about goodness a month ago. Publicly, I still say I would.

I am far from perfect; I am just trying to turn my life around.

I started today, got flu, still going on... bombarded in meeting... still going strong.... food stain on my shirt... no problem....

Summon letter for speeding.... WHY LA??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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