Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Credit Card

I applied a new gold card recently, and purposely stated my yearly income as $50000 per year which is of course bullock! And when it arrived......


Damnit... they still think I am a kid! A Tazzy card with ONLY $3000 limit?!

My other card limit is $3000... thats dinosaur ages ago!!!!!!!!!

I didn't ask for Tazzy T.T, my backside itch when people asked to apply in an expo... if I knew that is was a cartoon card... I die die also don't want.
Unless it's Godzilla of course

i like Tazzy.. but not in my card la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just imagine... you going for outing or dating... impressed someone... later pay by Tazzy card.... and people die laughing <_<


eddy said...

where got small kid
ppl will think u r so cute XD

David.Lim said...

banks know you bluffing them with the annual income. they pwned u back. LOL