Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Tiny break from Misery

I am glad I didn’t post what I intended earlier yesterday. Well, it’s in line with the recent sad, bitter, misery post. So today I am gonna post something happy. For me la of course!

The lonely project I am involved~

I wanted to maxed out the car stereo and drown my shouting in on my way back from a dreadful meeting. Well, one thing lead to another, I didn’t get that chance.

Upon reaching office, Girlboy reminded me of a foot massage promotion. It was a new joint, located on a jetty. RM25 for an hour, I jumped to the chance.

The view from jetty, also peaceful and lonely.

The massage palour is quite a nice place. A bit crowded thought, there are many cheapskate like me as it was the final day promotion. But the main attraction is… the massage girls are young and pretty. HOUYEAHHH!!!!

But me and Girlboy got the least of attractive ones. Misfit luck strike again, but I do enjoy chatting with them. I did opt for “add-on” something about better medication on the water. All I see is, blue colouring powder.

We are really chatty. Well, better us noisy than listening to a fat patron trying to hit on his pretty massage lady. It felt really “not comfortable” listening a mid-40 fat and bald guy trying to hit on a young pretty girl. I am so jealous.

The massage is not really something to shout about, after paying and thanking our massage lady. We went for a nearby Vietnamese restaurant, it really look classy, and I was surprised at the relatively affordable pricing. we enjoyed our dinner, and I even took the tab.

Never mind la... feel good ma.

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Hellboy said...

lolz.. not plate kosong this time...