Friday, October 17, 2008

Me Old Old Old Old

I forgot to charge my handphone, so it was running very low when I called Baozzz for dinner. I asked him to call Stevanisteroy for confirmation, and tell me what is the final dinner location. The phone batery died as soon as I hung up =_= Baozzz phone number is in it.

So, what do I do? SPAM discussion board for help. No reply.
MSN Steve. Nabeh, no reply.
MSN AhMeng help. OK OK... he help sms Baozzz.
Baozzz no reply =_=
Then my Ladyboss went home, and lock the office without realized there are few staff still upstairs.
Meng msn, Baozzz tried to call him.... Meng is in New Zealand... Baozzz will curse the phone bill.
Me and Meng LOL~~~
Ladyboss remember, turn back and save us from temp confinement.
I suddenly realise,
Why Didn't I just ask Meng Baozzz number and I call using office phone?!!?!!

Meng LOL~~~
Call Baozzz, he already reached home and lazy to come out again.
I go eat alone.


Lunar said...

ai yo.. poor thing..
better luck next time.

eddy said...

old man juz stay at home and sleep lah :D