Monday, October 20, 2008

Misfit Went Seminar

I went for a technical seminar, ends up learning more about new vocabulary rather than technical stuff.


Jiro = Zero

Jonk = Joint

Korek = Correct

Eleman = Element

Colung = Column

Cheer = Shear

Momeng = Moment

Vahlue = Value

Ajack = Exact

Yeation = Reaction

Kaikuration = Calculation

Yer = Here

Loak = Load

Terng Ong = Turn on


Jis one arrr, jis colung yer, if you set the loak to jiro arrr, the momeng kaikuration at jis yeation should be jis vahlue arrr. The cheer aarrr vahlue at yer, and jis jonk is korek, really ajack one arrr.

Oh, terng ong the eleman at ajack yer. Tea break is on tereee cheerty.

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