Friday, November 07, 2008

Potty Call Story

It was another normal clear sky morning. I was just sitting down in my site office after a breakfast session i.e. snaking with some fellow consultant ranting about the work on site. With the current slow work at site, I've decided to go back my head office and snake, I mean finished up some reports. That's when the initial feeling to shat came.

I thought to myself. OK OK I'll go back home, ease myself, then head back to office.
My junior engineer: I don't understand why can't you just use the site office toilet.
Me: Err.. I'm fussy where to put my ass today, especially when it will get burned tomorrow.

So, like a good driver, I drove home. Abiding the law of the road. And then was the second wave of tummy attack. GRRrooowwwlllll..... Oh-uh.. not good. And I drove faster. The drive was normally 15 minutes, but felt like eternity. I started overtaking all those site-seeing turtles, but at the same time not doing any sudden movement. I need to stay still, any sudden movement may trigger the bomb in my tummy.

The feelings is near unbearable, it felt like I was going to explode. I pumped up the stereo, hoping to divert some attention away. The body seems to know my vicinity away from home, cause it growl like hell just when I was turning in the housing corner.

Upon reaching my house, I grimaced and reach for my house key. It was holding the shit back like stopping a rampaging bulls in Spain. Then,


I don't want to shit in my pants.

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Eddy said...

berak dalam seluar. wahahaahahahahahahaahahahahaaaaaaa