Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding of the Flies

Another of my longtime pal Samuraiman got married on the weekend. FYI, the bride is from Singapore  so most of the "Sisters" are friends of Samuraiman and me.

Revenge of the "Sisters"

The calculating "Sisters"

It seems there was a "housefly season" courtesy of the nearby latex plant. So the flies were SO VAST in numbers, they could cover the daylight if all of them flew up the skies. They are even *gaphs* thicker than the "sisters" ICI.

Well, during the stopover at the Samuraiman's home, I introduces the Singaporean "sisters" of our latest hometown specialties - HOUSEFLY.

And no joke, the wedding lunch is full flies, I don't know who is more irritated. Us for having to keep swaying one arm while using the next one eating, or the flies who have to keep finding an opening for food.

The uninvited guest

And that still happen when we are waving our hand madly. Happy wedding day Samuraiman!!! We are happy for you despite the flies.

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