Thursday, December 31, 2009

Say Goodbye To the Year, Decade

Well, year 2009 is about to end.... just two more hours to go... therefore I wouldn't rate my chance to fulfill this year's resolution highly.

Hmm.... let's see again... I think I should go slow this year, before aiming to rule the world... I should rule the continent first..... so, I have to find ways to earn more money.

Resolution 2010.... RULE THE ASIA PACIFIC!

Well, for 2010 wish.... I wish I can have my lost friend back :(
and of course... easier life, more money, more msg, more hair!

Oh yeah... It is actually a decade... let's see.. in the last decade, I was just stepping into the University..... wow.. how time flies.... in the last decade, I know so many new things, friends... sad things in the process.......... but overall, I still survived.

I hope the 10an is going to me mine Godzillastic Decade.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've been Karma'ed!

"I think you should stop contacting me anymore. You should know what you did," read the sms I received from Jewel.

It was 1:40am when I read this, as I have put it in vibrate mode. I immediately replied asking clarification. No reply came.

Can't sleep thinking about it, I went online, tried to get hold of them. No reply came.

So back to bed... turning and tossing around.

Morning. Went to work grumpily. Called Jewel, no reply. SMS to Moon (the only person if any wrong I can think off). She said don't know.. making me an even bigger moron.

So, finally dem Jewel replied, scolding me for keep calling her. Ask me to read the next page of the sms.


I accidentally deleted it. She laugh happily.. Bitch!!! I'll get back 1 day. Perhaps it's karma to me for making fun of people. Oh yeah... this is my Zombie thinking mind now... fuck you karma

Monday, December 14, 2009


Ever get up and suddenly reality hit u like a heavyweight knock-out punch... straight in the teeth... repeatedly.

The life you visualize you wanted... which you keep telling yourself soon... on the way... one day I will be... WILL NEVER HAPPEN! You jumped up, go on with your routine life that you console yourself that it is for temporary, killing you everyday by just bearing with it.

Just before you jumped and say, "then make some changes". ITS TOOOO LATE!!!!! You have no energy left.... You're old, useless, non-achiever, lazy, unmotivated, bad tempered, hard headed, but luckily not gay.

And then you go on and on and on ranting while... Smiling.
Continue with this shit whole week long and see how will it treat you.

thinfish: fml ?
me: ?
thinfish: ur status
thinfish: FML ?
me: oo
me: oooo
thinkfish: wats tat
me: female licker
thinfish: liar

Ha! I don't think a got the qualification to complain friendless for this.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Me, Chairman Mao

I just have a haircut recently... and I asked for a crew-cut. Hey, It can save me the nuisance of grooming... (not something that I do anyway tehehehe). Besides, it can save me some money as I am really dirt poor now.

Well, after the "squarish" cut... Complimented by my hairfalling. I felt like a slightly younger Chairman Mao!

Chairman Mao in Porcelain
All Hail!!!

So, it goes back to many of the critics blaming on my unsatireable appetite on msg food. Well, to my defense... I have to passed by MAMEE factory to work every morning, and GOSH!! smell the morning roost aroma of freshly mamee.... It's like... not eating, but still will drop hair...

Therefore.. I chose to eat :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sucker me? ... Maybe

With all the frustration in this moment, the agonizing wait..... seems I'm a sucker for nostalgic, or really suckered by easy manipulation... ha.. at least my life haven't ended as badly as I think it would be.... Yet.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Frustrating Times

Its been frustrating time for me lately.

I applied broadband services so that I can download like crazy, only to find out that my "unlimited" package is slow as hell. Either the line sucks, or the "free" wireless modem seems very much unstable and useless. Most of the download needs to be reconnects.

My thumbdrive been acting up on me, the office pc hit by virus, the whole office hit by multiple viruses. Just spent the last 2 days figuring how to clean this farkup DR/Delphi.Gen [dropper] virus on my home PC. Not to say millions of restart... safe mode, installed Adaware, Spyware Search'n'Destroy, Avira, Cloud, Kapersky Cleaner, bla bla bla bla.. all done using the fucked up lousy connection.

Work, as usual.. the Junior still drove me to insanity sometimes, the site situation still sucks big time. Good project seems to be changing to bad project with ever changing request from the end user. And my hard working-ship dove faster than Twilight worshipers on their knees.

Family, well, wife side anyway... didn't go so well. This I'll wait and see.

Health wise, well... my neck bone is as fragile as ever. It'll feel very sore every 1-2 hours and I have to swing hard for a "krak" sound relief the pain. The ankle got "crack" sound everytime I walk barefooted. I think sooner or later, the "krak" will cause my head flew away from my body. My cough seems never ceased and now my nose have "whistling" noise sometimes when I inhale.

Friends wise, well... of course.. PEOPLE HATED ME... so losing friends is a norm... even if its some so called very good buddies. Sigh. Eh, but hey... seems I knew some new friends... very happy to know them type :)

It's Misfit as usual

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Oh mai... seeing the current *sic situation I'm in... It's a wonder I can survive another year~!

I'm now olde.... Oh wait.... I am always 38 years old.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sick... and horny

I was ill stricken for a few days now... keep coughing non stop. I blame it on the "Everybody hate Misfit" curse.

Oh well, I couldn't sleep well as have to keep myself from coughing my heart out. And when I was finally asleep.... I DREAM OF MAKING LOVE WITH SOMEONE!!!!!

Just when it was getting to the truly hot part.... the alarm rang! Shit.. rushed to bath with a hard-on cough

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saved By ...............

I was being extra lazy after the festive season as not much people around. And then I noticed in my pidgin notification, MY BOSS WANNA ADD ME IN YM!!!!!!!!!

Damn, no choice, have to lo...... I click Authorize.... and then my pidgin hang!

SAVED!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Losing Friends and Alienating People

It seems that I have mastered the art of Losing Friends and Alienating People.

I'm losing friends.... fast.... including those matter to me A LOT LOT LOT and LOTS.

Haizzz... some things are best left unsaid...... less painful

Monday, September 07, 2009

Buffet Report No Picture

In the buffet, there's fishes, big prawns, big crabs, oysters, scallop, squid, etc etc etc....

But the problem is... I don't eat seafood except fish -_-

So I eat the fishes till my shit can be processed to cod liver oil

Friday, September 04, 2009

Free Buffet Invites

I was invited free to a buffet dinner at a 5-star hotel tonight. Due to my economic situation, it would be very very wise of me to eat as much as I can.

I was hoping can skip supper.. mamee after supper.. next day breakfast... brunch... normally ritual mamee before lunch... tea break... mamee after tea break.. and hopefully dinner.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Myself in Economy

It seems things get worst the harder I try climbing myself out of it.

My hair line is in recession, my stomach is a victim of inflation, and both of these together are putting me into a deep depression!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Consequences of my Affair

My mind is failing me again

I took some great photos for a supposed new blog entry…. "Lets LOL at Stupid Tourist" in Malacca.

Since I was free during the weekend, I traveled around the tourist hotspot and saw the stupidity of them. I really took tons and tons of nice photos.
Upon reaching home, since the Missus is not around, I’m free… FFFREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I can have my affair… this

Without any nagging.

As I was retrieving the SDHC, there’s this a handful of my “affair” in my right fist, somehow…. SOMEHOW.. I took a munch out of the left fist….. I bitten the SDHC

Putting it into the pc. It state “CARD NOT FORMATED!”
Fuck… I lost all the photos.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Should I?

I got an offer to be Project Manager for a small time developer. It's kinda a big jump for me. I've been finding friends to talked to... sigh

I leave this place that I am sooooo sick and tired off
Much Higher salary
Perhaps can plan to my final new year resolution

Job insecurity
My hellhole task gonna end soon. I am in charge of a project that I liked
Bad bosses
Start new all over again
Familiar and comfy at current company.. except the site I am based.
Need spend to buy new car

Work no Assist 2

Continuation with the my assistant...

She still don't get what I meant with... sigh..
For comparision in easier term, I asked her go calculate me what is the interest fees for 10% of $2000 in 3 years.

She will go on and answer me. She don't know why the calculation answer is 15%, but not 10%

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Day I Almost Died

It was raining exceptionally heavy yesterday morning. I was replying mail to my boss (and multitasking browser) when lighting sudden strike.

I saw spark not five feet away from me, it fried the PC I'm using, the monitor and the fax. After cursing the outage, I swapped the PC and exchanging the HDD as most of my working files are in the fried PC.

While changing HDD, a guy walked over and said,
"Hey, another few feet, and the one needed packing is you!"
"Yeah, it may be shitty to die!" I laughed it off.

The guy added, "Oh, the lighting fried out the router too, now none of us can online."

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Assist Not Available

As my earlier assistant resigned for greener pastures, theBoss delegate the task of choosing the next new staff to me.

As I am based on site, where we shared office with other companies, I resorted to ask for their advise.

1st advise: Don't get high achievers anymore, they won't last long here.
I snap it up.. backup up with my own reasoning, hokkien says.. GEH KIANG!

So, I took found one,

not good looking - safe
get cert, get diploma, then finally degree - should have very sound basic and understanding
older with longer studies - should be more mature
so-so result - less chance of jumping gun

After a few days, and few "tutoring" on how to "sketch" a simple cross-section, I think I have made the wrong choice. I mean, I was never a good student, good engineers but clear blur on simple things which I honestly think I will be able to do in school and an engineer can't, it's really saddening.

Another office sharer debunk my hire reasoning easily. Why take someone who will work long term if they are not any help to you. Ouch!

So, here I am, stealing some time from banging my head against this monitor while "teaching" why will the level reduce after a 1.5% gradual slope. I even tips for easy work, use a speadsheet.


If you can excuse me again, I need to continue banging my head.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ill again

I'm ill again... sigh

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm not special

Can someone tell me that I'm special, even though I'm not? :(
Kinda need that now...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Holiday Inn Buffet

This post is due some times back. Early of the month, Steve treat us evil doers a generous buffet meal at Holiday Inn Melaka. The reason? He's got BIG BIG salary on that month.

I appologized that I forgot to take our normal glutton and messy dinner table.

This is what Steve eat halfway, delicious chocolate cake.

My ice-cream dessert Vs Baozzz's Super Strawberry ice-cream

My fruit dessert Vs Baozzz's another round of Super Strawberry ice-cream

This is still what balanced on Steve's plate.

Overall, its a OK meal la. We're the first to arrive, last to leave. Typical MTians. A very big thanks to Steve employer.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Donut Without sugar

My oh my, I didn't know that we could miss someone so much.

It's like eating donut, but without sugar. Or roti canai, without dhal. Or coconut water, without the flesh.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shitty Work Day

Really bad and shitty day at work today!

haizzzzz :(

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wedding And Death... again

I have attended a wedding of my wife ex-colleague in the weekend, then I received a sms stating the father of my childhood friend have kicked the bucket unexpectedly.

Sigh... wedding and death seems to come in parallel to me

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday Dateline, Today is Tuesday

I was asked to help out on a big project. Thursday due, and I was handed over 3 building types. Despite my crazily overdue own task, I have to accept as all supporting staff would not be available to me too.

3 types, every type of the building normally need at least 3 days for my design.

FUCK LIAO LOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am nothing but a Sad Clown

Most people always have the impression that I am happy. Of course that is after knowing me, people who don't know me thinks I'm cold and unfriendly.

Well, I do look happy. I do sound happy, but am I happy?

I doubt anyone in this world understand me, I doubt anyone will ever will............

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Godzilla Hunt Bali - Part 2

But I am determined not to die, cornered,

I let my true self loose.

Don't mess with me when I'm on fire!

It was now running away, each of its giant step pulling itself further from me but I will not be dishearted.

I will swing

and climb just to get you

Godzilla pees and make the holes here

Along the way, Horizon and others could still managed to have their crazily long shopping detour. It seems the only was to have them moving again is after satisfiying their insanity shopping lust. It was finally over after 3 hours 27 minutes.... and 59 second.

Godzilla thinking it can leave without me catching up

It's so close, but I still felt I am the victor this time

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bali Godzilla Hunt - Part 1

Latest intel tells me that The Great One would be in Bali. Hence, I have my biggest hunt yet, and I nearly caught it. So intense is the hunt that I have to rush to Bali, TWICE.

First order of business upon reaching Bali, candlelight dinner in Jimbaran. Here, me and a few others relaxingly enjoyed our dinner and plan for the hunt.

After the dinner, my partner Horizon wanted to check out supplies in the island's shopping hub. Being bored shit and excited I just follow. An assumed 15 minutes travel turned into a 40 minutes run, and the tiring walk turned into a romantic stroll.

The journey back, we decided to wall along the beach under the moonlight. I held her hands, she held back. Her head leans toward me, lips parting, and she said to me...

"These things are heavy, please help me carry more"

The early next morning, we head out to visit the saggy stripe tits demon informer.

Godzilla was rumoured resting among the misty land

It even gives the added sense of mystery

The ancient gateway to the King of Monsters

Seeing the size of it, it does not really took too much afford to find it, but I was obstructed my this ugly gargoyle seducer.

Fortunately Horizon managed to distract the gargoyle enough to let me slip through.

Just when Godzilla wanted to leave, I suprised it with....

It mighty one was shocked, but let out a big roar!


No wonder the people here needed wooden penis, they're scared shitless.

But I was caught with a suprise too, I never expect a creature of such power to have underlings. I am outnumbered.

In this sense, my whole life flashed before me, I'm gonna miss my Pillow biscuit the most, I hope it is available in hell.

To be continued............

Monday, May 11, 2009

Insensitive Misfit?

Well, as per title, one of my buddy is feeling down, but I always gave non-constructive remarks.

For example, I give just a random senario with is not true, but something like that.

Buddy: (Excitedly) Hey, I'm invited to this bla bla bla event.
Insensitive Misfit: Hahahaha, perhaps they wanted some extra free helper.
Buddy: Haha. (I hope you fall from your chair right now and hit your head on the desk and die!)

So it gets me thinking, what actually does they feel? Do they really think its a joke? Or the RED angry thinking really happens?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Work Misc Bad

There's actually a few things I wanted to post but couldn't due to privacy and my lack of time.

Work is like shit today.

Road line marking they wanted is yellow... completed is white....

FUCK LIAO LAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Airport Opening

Tomorrow is the airport opening day.

DIE LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of Month Dilemma

In my wallet..... less than $10   T_T

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trial Operation Batu Berendam Airport

Part of my miserable state was contributed by the work project that I'm in right now. So when it reaches the period of handover (with still includes billions of defects in the list). I was generally happy. Though a few days more, this is the trial airport operation exercise which we was forced upon as fake users.

The look inside main terminal building with fake traveller and real airport operators.

Me with my fake Malaccan passport

Checkin in with a bad hairday

After checking in, the buddled us into the airside parking area, sort of like fake arrival from airplane. We were like sheeps huddles into an open area. Oh yeah, I was subjected to strict check coming into departure area. I felt molested :(
On departure immigration, they asked, "Pak nak balik kampung ye?"
I was like, WTF?! Do I looked Indon? Later he clarified he was just play acting -_-"

Fake Luggage, using fake car.

The vultures, I mean the health people hoping we die with SARS.

The cleared out the duty free area. Damn fuck, never even bother with fake liquor at all. This makes this exercise like simulate a firedrill, but without the water, or firehose, just headless people running around pretending with water bomb.

And finally, on arrival, they still give me very very strict test, I have to go through the x-ray machine to proved I am NOT a cyborg.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just when I was in debts, and during important work period on the project I'm based upon, my company decided to gift us Trips.

TO BALI! Just after my honeymoon trip there....... Damnit...

Should I go? Will I be shoot by debtors after I touched down from Bali then? Why choose this date? The company hates me! They purposely choose this date! Everybody hates Misfit T_T

Monday, April 20, 2009


My cousin cause of death is not suicide, seems heart failure or sudden death as clarified by autopsy. But does it make it better? Nope, he's still dead.

On the other note in my life, things are getting bad, both work and life. Ill for a pass few days. Few debtors are breathing down my neck. ARRRrrrGGGGHHH!!!!!

Well, on the hour of darkness, I choose to profess my love


even though they lost the FA Semi's... sigh...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, prior to the wedding, I should mostly post about my misfit little wedding, but yet, I'm not going to highlight it... things just happen that doesn't make me feel like posting it.

In the wedding, my as long as I can remember bed-ridden grandmother passed away.

A few days before it, an aunt met an accident.

During wedding day, few old friends action cause them to engage some quarrel online <-- this is a small matter :)

Lastly, a cousin just passed away, suspected suicide, the details are still blurry at this moment. This is just sad, as he seems happy and ok on my wedding. I felt so sorry to my aunt. I'm sorry that I have never make an afford to care more on my relatives after childhood. We just grew apart, and hearing he kept bumping into one trouble to another, I just stayed further... If only we care more..... I'm so sorry...

Friday, March 13, 2009

I've Changed Status

I've changed my status. From Single But Unavailable to Married But Available

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Wedding Photoshot Debacle

As I'm getting hitched, it is normal for a man to be dragged till the very end of earth, just for some mushy photoshot. If only it could just take my face photo and photoshop-ed it into ready made model pictures I'm all set, but sadly that is always not the case.

Well, the bridal studio is near my soon to be sister-in-law's house. So we packed up in the weekend and just headed over.

Day 1. Choose Package, Clothes.

Well, though it's not as well as I HOPED it would be as we've been scouting around and most suck, so, this one is still acceptable.

Day 2. Photoshot Day.

Due to the rushing on day 1 and lack of proper lighting, I've packed different color socks, and dark blue long pants instead of black. The groom have to wear black, it's spelled doom.

On the clothes, I have no complain on the brides wear... well.. maybe a little. But for male, whoooaaa.... with all those ribbon-ribbon shirt..... it lookes real sissy, I'd say... NO WAYYYY!!!!!! Alpha Male anytime, sissy idol model type..... NEVER!

Ok, back to the clothing, he photographer assistant handed me a very ribbon shirt, sort of the french courtesan type. The in-law and bride says "OK! Nice!"

I goes (hand gesturing falling object) "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

Just when they start defending their taste, I held up my hand and stopped them, and "POOOOFFFFFFF" I make sign of explosion from falling object.

Its plenty of first for me, first time wear make up ( F you wedding photo), first time cut hair time have front forehead shaved, first time I have to wear spec ( F you karma). 

The whole day was a bit rushed, and I really find it darn hard to smile so much, it's just not natural for me.

I thought I kinda looked like Sanji though

Just minus the tie, minus the blond hair, minus the ciggy, fatter, balder, less smart, less good looking, and there you have me.

Day 3. Choose photo

Ok la, still acceptable except they like to make pictures glow and blurs... I really hate that.

I did show some pic that we took using our phone to friends. One friend, Cet answers was really unexpected. She said "How come your hair is so little now!" T_T

And if you guys think I'm gonna post my photo online... you gotta be kidding me.

* note... edit for readability

Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Getting ... H***hed

My relationship joke is coming... stay tuned......


21st March 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Ingenious Plot

As I am settling down in my new home, my stupid neighbor's dog ALWAYS bark/whine non-stop every freaking weekdays morning. He always start right after the neighbor left. Perhaps they don't know that sooner or later people are gonna set their dog on fire.

Well, since I am a late sleeper, I came out with an ingenious way to solve this matter - make it sleepy in the morning too. So, late night before I'm going to sleep, I snuck near the party wall, open the garden hose, and sprayed a little water, just enough to woke the darn dog up, but not to wet the floor entirely.

The dog whine, but don't realise what happen as I never peep over. I got some relieve of revenge rushing over me. Tehehehehe...

Well, the next morning.... it still whine as usual. Damnit!!

Sunday morning it didn't whine as the owner is in.... but 10am the house opposite alarm went off... and it goes on and on till the owner returned to shut it off around 1 hour latter. I have one darn hell of a "noisy" neighborhood.

I think I have to pour pee next time to the dog, so that the owner will beat the shit out of it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

When no miracle come

What do you do when you're feeling down, no money to spent, and no miracle happens?

Walk around with your cheap 2nd hand dslr and snap some shot. I kinda like this one :)

No Miracle

There is no miracle, I'm screwed!

Sigh, I think there would be no other road.... no matter what or how I see it, it will not end up well.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Save meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooooo poor that I need a miracle to save me :(

eer... make it multiple miracle.

stupid me rant.... haizzzz....

Friday, January 30, 2009

1st Day Working After CNY Holiday

Woke up late, called colleague help punch in... YEAH!!!!
Wear "Very Decent" to work, first day after CNY ma.... people all praise.... GAY!!! betul betul fark.
Ya la.. pink shirt (dun laff)
Not much daily work, lunch break go buy some japanese carp... yeahhhhhh!!!!

Will be going to a 4:30pm handover meeting project which I hardly involved... Damnit!
Now, how to slip in naptime in between?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese Moo Year

Happy year of moo-moo..... may I may have a very mooving year...... with mooore mooney

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My House

I'm been putting off this post for a while as I felt that my house isn't really "done" yet. During the rushing for chinese new year, I can finally say more or less... It's done. Or at least 95% done.

So, what looks like this before.....

Turned into this,

So, to check, money spent... a lot
sore body... whole
injuries... got some
near death experience... if you consider this
paint stain... floor, shirts, pants, body, car steering, water bottle... etc etc....

#Post Edit:

How can I forget, many many thanks to Girlboy, Baozzz, Ah Chai, Emperor Meng, Ah Meng, Yssb Hau and Ocyee for their help during the preparation of this house. You people have my sincerest gratitude.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Have the Craziest Dream

I have the crazies of dream a few week back. If people says that the dream is the "balance" of your day imagination or thoughts, then I would have one hell of a mind.

I dream that someone I'm very fond of is back with her ex. OK, still reasonable dream.

Then she proceed doing kinky things with her ex. OOoooOOoooo

She just look at me, sort of like wanting to make me jealous. Errrrr......

Then my father came along, the scenario changes to my parents house. Wait.. this is starting to get weird.

She talked to my father, asking where can she find a nice beach nearby with plenty of fishes. I can't guess where this will be heading at all.

After receiving some directions, she answer that she wants to have kinky sex in the sea with plenty of fishes, as stimulant. WTFARkKKKKKKKKKK!?!?!!?!?

And finally, my father answers : "So good, you couple just know how to keep things going." I pengsan!

And to add worst of the dream, the is no nudity seen, how the hell are do they doing their kinky stuff without me seeing any nudity! This dream really makes me feel bad.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year Another New Misfit??

How do I say goodbye to someone I never really had? Why do my tears fall so endlessly for someone who was never really mine? Why is it I miss someone I was never really with? And why do I love someone whose love was never really mine?

Oh wai~ wrong post!

This is a new year, chatting with Daisy earlier, she did have a point. No matter what bad last year, it is a new year, we shall start with a clean slate.

I wish everyone good luck, hope everyone who have a bad last year can be positive like that. For me, I sure hope my debts can start with a clean state!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Misfit the Presenter

* I story that should be published last year, didn't manage to cause I can't get hold of photos and my alheimer *

It was sometimes late last year that I was forced to do some site presentation/guide on airport site due to the inavailablity of the maincon higher management.

It was a study tour by The Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia. But by the namecards that I receive or introduction, there were students, lovebirds, turf club building exec, etc etc...

After powerpoint briefing by unsuitable personal at office conference room, we proceed to bring them onsite for briefing and tour, those original fuckers never went into site. So, it's up to me alone to tell then what is what on site.

After the whole ordeal is over, and the tourist returned happy. Some site colleague asked how did the presentation go. I replied.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I am Absent Minded! Hear Me Squeal!

I kept forgetting things lately. Not to mention my wallet a few days ago. Today I seems to hit a combo. I'm posting this today while I still CAN REMEMBER! As I have forgotten a few post able misfit incident earlier.

1. Reach work area, phone out of battery, left it charging and happily doing round, felt happy that there was nobody calling.

2. Went for authority submission. Reach car noticed didn't change my slippers to shoe, walk back to change.

3. Reach authority place, pass the item, want to call the person relevant. Didn't call cause think I left the phone in car. Later only noticed it is in my other shirt pocket.

4. Went to another authority for discussion. After finish, walk down the 3rd floor, told an old man climbing the stairs that it's good for exercise, reach car. Bag is still on 3rd floor. Climb back 3rd floor to get bag. Karma sucks!

5. Reach site office, no calls cause phone is forgotten in car.

6. Went to a factory discussion. Simple glance seems that I have left my bag in car. So walk to car empty handed. Reach car noticed didn't change my slippers to shoe, walk back to change. Reach back car glance saw a bag in the back of the car.

7. Reach factory, realised the bag is ANOTHER BAG! STUPID!!! EMPTHY HANDED MEETING!

8. After discussion went back site office, head out to main office. Again the shoe thingy.

9. Reach office, come down from car, after 10sec walk back to get phone.

10. Start PC, discuss stuff with others, search around for my thumbdrive, finally found it ALREADY connected to the PC.

Yeah, item 10 just happen. Hope no 11th today T_T

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Eve Dinner

What do you do when you have no plan on new year eve and want to cheer yourself up?

Have a bowl of MAGGIE MEE of course!

A pack of maggie mee and additional dried noodle.

The finish product!

The finished product taste? This is the lite version where there is less msg. So it taste terrible!

Year 2009 Resolution

It's time for the new resolution, unlike all those plenty failed earlier, I will opt for only one... ONE resolution this year. So it will be a 50-50 chance....

So this year resolution shall be...