Sunday, January 25, 2009

My House

I'm been putting off this post for a while as I felt that my house isn't really "done" yet. During the rushing for chinese new year, I can finally say more or less... It's done. Or at least 95% done.

So, what looks like this before.....

Turned into this,

So, to check, money spent... a lot
sore body... whole
injuries... got some
near death experience... if you consider this
paint stain... floor, shirts, pants, body, car steering, water bottle... etc etc....

#Post Edit:

How can I forget, many many thanks to Girlboy, Baozzz, Ah Chai, Emperor Meng, Ah Meng, Yssb Hau and Ocyee for their help during the preparation of this house. You people have my sincerest gratitude.

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